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hey jade, i remember reading one time that while you were using blotchas regimen the SA was to harsh on you or something, and you decided to use it every other day. well could you tell me when you used it.

was it like on monday the SA & BP TWICE a day(nite and day) and then on tuesday JUST the BP (nite and day) or did you use the BP only once a day or what?

i really need to kno when you used it because i think the SA is also irritating my skin aswell............


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When I first started using this regimen I had broken out with at least 7 active spots and new ones were forming everyday, I think it was the summer weather and stress..I usually have mild acne and so I started with the SA wash and the BP wash, I continued to break out for like a week and a few days, but I stayed on it, cause a pimple takes 30 days to form and surface and so just by using these two products, one can quickly assume its MAKING u break out but really its not, its just pushing then to teh surface.

But I decided to stop completely for a few days with SA and just use BP and the herbal logix 2-3 times a days...just recently I started using both washes and the herbal twice a day and im 99 % clear!

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