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Best Cleanser For Combination Skin/ To Use With Retin-A?

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Hi all. So, I'm looking for a new facial cleanser. My current regimen consists of washing twice daily with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Redness Soothing Gentle Scrub, followed by moisturizing with Pond's Dry Skin Cream in the morning and Retin-A Micro Gel .04% at night. I've been breaking out a little lately (mostly inflamed papules/pustules), and I'm having trouble getting my dryness and oil production controlled. I think I might be over-exfoliating with the cleanser, and the Retin-A obviously contributes to the dryness. I've tried a lot of different cleansers in the past, but I have very sensitive skin, and basic brands like Cetaphil and Purpose were way too drying and left my skin burning and tight; I liked the creaminess of the Neutrogena Acne Wash that I'm using now, but I think the exfoliating beads are too much, and the dryness is exacerbating the oiliness, and everything's out of sync.

Basically, I need a cleanser that will work well with my topical retinoid and help balance my skin out - it shouldn't be too drying, but it also shouldn't be too rich or pore-clogging. I've read good things about coral KAVI, especially how it has a balanced pH, but the amount of sulfur makes me hesitant to try it - it seems like it might also be over-drying. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Pond's Dry skin cream is not suitable for combination skin.

You also don't need Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Redness Soothing Gentle Scrub, because Micro Retin A is a chemical exfoliant itself.

Just buy one simple cleanser, such as Clean and Clear Sensitive Skin cleanser. Its simple and cleans great, without drying.

Or Cetaphil if you skin is on the drier side.

Or you can use any mild and gentle cleanser.

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Thanks Desi. I actually like Pond's Dry Skin Cream, and since my derm said it's ok for me to use, I trust his judgement. Also, as I stated in my original post, I found Cetaphil to be too drying, and I know that Retin-A is a chemical exfoliant - that's why I'm looking for an alternative cleanser to replace my current one, which I believe might be causing over-exfoliation. I'll definitely look into the Clean and Clear cleanser; it's a brand I haven't used for years, but I'll take a look at the ingredients and reviews. Anyone else? It would be great to try out a cleanser that's more natural (fewer ingredients, less irritating chemicals), but I'll take anything that's equal parts gentle and effective!

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