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Morgan Marie

Trying To Deal With Acne At Age 26!

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Hey all,

I used to post on this website a couple of years ago when my acne was REALLY bad. It has since gotten much better but is still a huge bugger.

My doctor put me on Clindoxyl gel a few years ago and it was great. I had a lost of cystic acne, pustules, white heads, all that fun stuff. After using the Clindoxyl gel for 2 years, I decided I wanted to give it a rest. It made my skin REALLY red, and it wasn`t really doing anything amount all the tiny bumps I have under the skin.

After reading online for a bit, I thought that what I may have is acne cosmetica. I no longer have cystic acne or even pustules very often. I have black-heads (stubborn assholes) and some small whiteheads, but what I have the most of is a bumpy texture to the skin of my cheeks. This is also where I wear the most make-up. I have literally worn make-up for almost every single day for the past three or four years. So, I decided last Sunday that I am going off skin make-up and will see if it makes a difference. It has been about 6 days now, although I did wear make-up twice this week, once for an interview and the other for a date.

Does anyone have any recommendations for something I can use to try and tone down the redness of my skin. I am thinking about buying a new cleanser, something with salicylic acid (as I have read it can be helpful for acne cosmetica.) I also think I am going to go on Alesse this month, as I need a BCP and I have heard it is good for acne as well. I`m planning to ask my doctor to refer me to a dermatologist and I also have been contemplating going for a facial in a week or so.

Any recommendations or advice are welcome, thank you.





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I also use Clindoxyl Gel, and I love it.

It got rid of pimples and pustules, however like you said, it left me a bit bumpy.

So I ordered Alpha Hydroxy Face Lotion with 10% Glycolic Acid.

I intially bought it to fade marks, but it helps to decrease the bumps too to leave smooth skin.

However using both of them together (one at night, one at day) left me pretty dry and sensitive, even though I have oily skin. So I recommend that you use very gentle cleansers and be very gentle with your skin if you use both of them tog

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Salicyic acid 2% is a great choice, but you need it in a LEAVE-ON CREAM that you LEAVE ON OVERNIGHT.

Can't stress this enough. A salicyic acid cleanser is NOT on your skin long enough to do anything. The acid needs time to sink into your pores and dissolve the oil.

I use Clearasil Acne + Marks Lotion.

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I am not going to go back on clindoxyl gel, I want to give my skin time to breath and hopefully get less red.

I just purchased a salicylic facewash the other dace and it is already helping. But I think I will purchase a gel to leave on overnight! Thank you guys for the advice!

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