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Here's the deal: my acne isn't very bad. I get a few whiteheads some days, but they go away fast. So acne isn't my real problem. My real problem is that I can't stop thinking about my face.

I know I'm overreacting when I am embarrased about my face, but I don't know how to overcome it. I think about acne all day long. I look at other people's faces and compare thers to mine. I'm obsessed with acne and I just want to stop thinking about it!!

This is making me really depressed and it has really hurt my social life. I can be scared to talk to girls because I think I have a pimple, therefore I feel ugly. I feel like hiding my face so others don't look at me. I avoid going to social gatherings because I don't want to have to worry about how my face looks.

As you can see, my problem is 99% mental and only 1% physical acne. Please, does anyone have some good advice on how to overcome my obsession with acne?

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ps they say i have obssessive compulsive disorder. honest prozac helps a whole lot. helps keep your mind focussed on the real issues of life till you see your ex with another girl, then your're f*cked. good luck. jk, guys, i'm ok.

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i know how you feel, cuz i feel the same way sometimes....hardly any acne, but i still feel like i got a face full.... doubt.gif

i just force myself not to let it get to me, ay any means possible. i never look in mirrors, well cept in the morning when i have to wash my face, and i never try to compare myself to others. seems to help somewhat....

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Well, it gets very obssesive. But, I tried not to get it to my head sometimes but, when I see a girl who has flawless skin it gets depressing. But, usually helps, if you say to your self I'm perfect. Keep repeating this over and over again. It might work.

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