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I have an exoderm consult today

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I have an exoderm consult this afternoon, so if anyone has any questions please post them and I'll print them out and ask the doc to answer them for you. I don't know very much about this procedure, but figured I would go and find out about it and see what he has to say. And since I am already paying the stupid consult fee, I figured I would offer to bring questions you guys might have as well?

Lemme know. smile.gif

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Well, I live in Seattle, and the doc is named Partington. (He is actually located in Redmond, if you are local.) There is another doc here that does the procedure, but he "didn't feel comfortable working with me" (his words). I'm somewhat... alternative (piercings, tattoos, etc) so I think I scared him. LOL!

I have no idea on what the cost of an Exoderm is, I suspect it will be near the $4500 range. (Ouch!) My consult is $75.

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omg thats expensive! But what i've seen from exoderm the results will be amazing. Might be nice if you could take pictures of before and the progress after, the difference, the time to heal and smooth it up and things like that.

Are you going to home afterwards (the main procedure) or do you have to stay there, and are there more procedures needed than just one? maybe spreaded over days or something like that?

well seattle wow that's pretty far from europe wink.gif . Heard they perform it in germany too. And isreal but i'd rather not go there if I were to do this procedure wink.gif

Im curious what kind of scarring you have, maybe a picture?

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The doctors office is located pretty close to me, so I'll just put on a big floppy hat and go home and hibernate for the healing time, then go back as needed.

I believe it is a one-time procedure done on an out-patient basis, but some docs offer free touchups later on if needed. Not sure what this doc's policy is on that, though.

My scarring varies between light and severe, mostly rolling and boxscars with two really bad areas that will have to be excised entirely. I am sorry I don't have the courage to post pics now, but I will take progress photos with whatever procedure I decide to have done and then post all of them once I'm done.

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Hi, ask him what the possible side-effects are for Exoderm or regular phenol peels, and what percentage of patients suffer from them. I am not considering this for myself btw, I just thought that would be a good question for you guys.

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