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This photo is taken in the lighting that my acne looks the worst in (right behind a window). I'm genuinely curious how bad my acne is because for some reason I can't figure out for the life of me whether its terrible or not.

I only have acne on my forehead. Genetics is so weird, I can eat a ton of candy, sweat like a soccer player, and rub garbage all over my cheeks and I won't get a SINGLE pimple there. But the forehead, it breaks out sooo easily.

Anyway I don't even know if its acne because it looks a little different, the pimples aren't usually big and filled with pus, they're normally small

please rate my acne 1-10, 1 being extremely mild..


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Not bad at all man! If it stays just like that without you doing anything, I would recommend using some Clearasil or something with Salicylic Acid to treat it.

If you dont use Benzoyl Peroxide already, then DO NOT start using it, for that acne. It's extremely mild and BP would only irritate it and possibly make it a little worse.

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I was waiting for the rest of your face to pop up, then I realized you were just showing your forhead. Nothing to stress over at all man

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Your skin looks great.. you're worried about that? go look at the galleries and compare. You should be happy with your skin.

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I'd say barely a 1. Your skin looks good, you seem to have mostly very small active stuff, barely noticeable. I'm sure it seems worse to you because any little bit of acne seems bad to the person that's being affected by it, but honestly if you want my opinion it's very mild.

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