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Finished Accutane now on New Stuff

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Hey all, haven't written on here in months. My Accutane experience went perfectly. Hardly had an initial breakout...only a couple pimples that weren't very noticeable. I also had no real side effects...the headache the first night...and after that only my lips got very dry...I wouldn't know how dry my face got or my body b/c i moisturized starting the first day...I was on 40mg once a day for 5 months and have been off it for about a month. My acne going in was light cystic...mostly just a boil type one here and there but as soon as one went away..another came up...the antibiotics weren't working anymore and neither were the creams and such so doc put me on a low dose. I only had really dry lips which i would pick and things like that but nothing bad came of it...and you couldn't tell I was on the medicine...a lot of people have horror stories about their lips being all screwy and such..I was great...used cetaphil wash and moisturizer with the SPF...once a day...and my face cleared up beautifully...I even went to FL with my fiance in May...one month after starting the medicine...I used a 35 SPF on my face and body and had no problems out on the beaches...Having finished I figured I'd go for a final consultation with the doc and see what I should do...I asked if I should change washes and the rest of my regimen and he said that wasn't a bad idea...so he gave me Brevoxyl 4% cream wash to use once or twice a day..depending on if I needed to dry up a bit...but the massive oil production hasn't returned yet...I also had a bout with sebborheic dermatitis around my T-zone which he gave me some steroid cream for to clear it up in a couple days...nothing noticeable..just dry and kinda bumpy around my nose and all...so best wishes to everyone out there...hope you all clear up and find the right regimen for you...hopefully this works for at least awhile for me...

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ya know my derm offered little suggestion about washes and moisturizers other than..."only use it if you need it"...so I went with the advice of people on this board...and I found cetaphil to be perfect for me...there is the odd case where it doesn't work well for someone as you may read...but for the most part it saves you from irritation...especially if you combine the wash with the moisturizer...and the best part is the moisturizer isn't shiny and it has SPF...so that's a double bonus since you will most likely burn a bit in the sun if you're on any acne meds...

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