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Hey guys, So, I'm about 4 days in and my friends are planning a camping trip for this weekend. Do you guys think I'll be okay going as long as we have tarps set up so I'm in the shade and have a lot of sunscreen on? I really wanna go but I wanna be safe and I know being in the sun is a big no-no for tane users, but I really don't wanna miss out on everything this summer.

Let me know what you guy's think :)

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I think you'll be fine! You're only a few days into your course, so I don't think your skin is that sensitive yet. But it's always a good idea to stay in the shade and wear SPF when you're in the sun no matter what! :)

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Thanks Rach! Yeah, I'm definitely taking all the precausions and have filled everyone in on my situation with accutane. I'm naturally very light skinned so I usually lather on the suncreen and stay in the shade anyways because I burn so easily but I definitely just wanted to make sure and keep myself safe. I've had 3rd degree burns from the sun 2 or 3 years ago and never want to experiencce that again lol

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Third degree burns? Ouch! :(

I'm very fair and burn easily as well. I managed to spend the day at a theme park a couple weeks ago in the hot sun. I only had sunscreen on my face and arms. I got a very minor burn on my back, but that's it. I think you'll be okay! Have fun!! :)

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