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This is starting to annoy me.... People on these boards keep on asking "Why me???" (Why they have acne)

Well there is no answer for this. It's the age old question every person asks if they have some sort of desease. Well the thing is that if you ask this question, then you can might as well ask why people get cancer. There is no unnatural force in life that cursed you with your situation.

You are who you are. So basicly if you have acne, then you have a body with acne genes in it or what ever the case might be. Just accept that. You are who you are. It's your life and you have ended up with acne. You just have to accept it. Stop beating yourself up, this is you, you have acne.

Your body is one of the millions of other bodies around this world that produces acne. You just have to accept that. Genes play a huge role. My dad had severe acne and my mom had moderate acne. Their genes are imprinted in mine and that causes me to develop pimples.

You just have to take what you have in life and make the most of it. Even if you have acne, don't let it deprive you of life. Go out and do what you love doing. Stop questioning your condition. People die and shit happends. Don't question it. One day you will look back on your life and realise that you were a total fool, to let acne deprive you of life.

I know there are people in this world that will piss you off or make remarks of your condition. But who cares, it's only their oppinion. It's not like they shock you when they tell you, you have bad acne, because you already know it. We are all just humans, we can't be perfect. All of us have some sort of genetic defect. It's the damn media that makes us think we should be perfec. But no one can be perfect.

So in conclusion.

1) Take what you have in life and use and enjoy it to it's fullest extent.

2)Stop feeling sorry for yourself. It's not your fault you have acne.

3)Be happy with yourself. Be happy that you are alive, that you have friends, family and people who care.

4) Stop caring what other people think.

Thanks for reading.

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Hold up man, I agree with 75% of what you say but do you realise that you've juss made a dozen emotionally insecure acne-sufferers go an slit their wrists?! Don't tell ppl that they have acne man. It's not helpful.


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I prefer not to think of it as "this is me, I have acne, it's part of me" but rather "this is me with acne, it is a condition I currently have and someday it will go away". This way it helps me to think that it's not an inherent part of me to be ugly, just a condition that I have..like if someone had eczema.

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Sometimes, we say Why me? Is just a state of emotion we feel in that moment. As for myself I ask myself that question. This is supposed to be a forum to support acne suffers. I mean you should be lucky there's people who are dealing with the same thing as you.

In my time. I didn't have these resources. I didn't have a computer or didn't know about forums and stuff. I didn't even had a friend that had acne as me. I had to deal it myself. I mostly spend my time writing in my diary. And say that to myself.

But, I think you should feel lucky you found this forum to help you.

If I would of known about this website 11 years ago. I would been cure on acne. I would of been more confidence and I would of being more social. But, I didn't...

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