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The Habits And Products That Have Worked For Me

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Hi, everyone! I posted a few months ago, heartbroken and desperate, because my acne was completely out of control. It looked like this, without makeup:


Now it looks like this, without makeup:


Okay, so it's not exactly clear, but there was a huge improvement, and that is what matters in acne treatment.

Since I have improved, I decided to share a few things that have worked for me. One thing I have learned in the battle against acne is that one size does not fit all, that what works for one won't work for another, and that you have to go through much trial and error before you find the right combination of habits and products that work for you. Here is what is working for me if anyone wants to try anything out.

  • One of my hobbies for years has been jogging and rollerblading, so the widespread belief that sweat worsens your acne is one I had to really investigate and challenge. So I've discovered that the sweat glands and different from the hair follicles-- therefore, if sweat does any damage at all, it is only until after it's mingled with dirt on your face and poured back to your follicles. Solution? I no longer exercise with makeup. I wash my face before I jog, and after. This habit alone has really helped.

    • I never sleep with makeup anymore. No matter how tired I am. I try to wash my face no more than twice a day-- although since I exercise, it is often three times. That is okay.

      • I wash my face with Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser, which has 0.5% salicylic acid-- just enough to treat breakouts, but not so much as to overdry my face. Believe me, I had tried all other types of acne treatments and cleansers, but they all overdried my face, making me look wrinkled and unable to move. This cleanser hits the perfect balance for me.


        • Occasionally I use Noxzema to wash my face. If I feel drier than usual and think I could use a bit of the tingly moisture that the eucalyptus oil in this cleanser gives me, then I use it.


          • After I wash my face, I use the Collagen Moisture filler, by L'oreal. I use it mainly for my eyelids, under my eyes, and around my smile lines since that is one of the most sensitive parts of the face and prone to wrinkles. The rest of my face is prone to breakouts so I tend to not moisturize it, though on some days when I feel I am dry and can get away with it, I put some on my face as well.


          [*]One thing that has really helped me is to let my face rest a day or two without makeup. However, when I go out I have to wear makeup, which used to be a destructive cycle for me-- I would use makeup to cover up, which would cause more breakouts that I had to cover up. Thankfully, I found an amazing foundation-- Neutrogena Skin-Clearing Oil Free Makeup, with 0.5% salicylic acid. I thought it was just marketing, but it really does work in keeping breakouts under control, and even clearing them. That is why I switched from Revlon Color Stay to Neutrogena Skin-Clearing, and would never go back.

          post-161667-0-82303400-1341276339.jpg vs post-161667-0-88052800-1341276352_thumb.

          I still use Revlon Color Stay, but only for my eyelids and under my eyes, which are sensitive and dry up as a result of the salicylic acid in the Skin Clearing makeup. However, for the rest of my face, Neutrogena is the only way to go. It's not about the brand, though-- it's the active ingredients you need to look at. Salicylic acid-- just enough of it, but no more-- is my best friend.

          [*]In terms of powder, I switched from Revlon ColorStay to Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral powder.

          post-161667-0-36286100-1341276665_thumb. vspost-161667-0-90902100-1341276666_thumb.

          [*]I have really improved in my ability to not touch my face all the time and pop my pimples. However, when there is one that really needs to be popped, I first make sure it is really ready-- if it is, I push it up from the bottom, let it explode, wash the area immediately with Aveeno, and treat it with hydrogen peroxide. I then put antibacterial cream on it.

          [*]They say hydrocortisone is bad, but it really helps when I get a cystic pimple every once in a blue moon. I guess it's not something you should make a habit out of, but I use it occassionally for those stubborn cystic pimples and it works. Of course, I use the Aveeno brand of hydrocortisone.

          I hope these tips helped! I believe acne is never cured, but it can be kept under control with the right combination of practices.










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wow! what an improvement. your face looks fantastic! always always always wash your makeup off before bed! this is when your skin repairs itself, so it should be nice and clean!

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