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Used from the ancient egyptians to the babylonians to the greeks and romans through the middle ages to soldiers fighting in the american civil war, it seems to have only died out recently.

As pointed out in the above articles, the general public is mainly to blame, the consumer prefers clear looking, clean looking vinegar and that's what they got and it's referred to by health experts as 'dead vinegar'. 'Dead vinegar' being distilled and the white versions and many others..

To prehaps encourage some of you to read the links, acv is widely renouned to clear up so many ailments its quite miraculous to say the least, from asthma, to arthritis, migraines, acne, toe nail rot, hair/scalp problems, acid reflux etc etc etc, you name it, it does it.

Organic, raw, unpastuerised, unheated apple cider vinegar is the only vinegar of choice as far as im concerned after reading these posts...

Did you know that its stated that potassium is the single most important nutrient in the body as it directly aids in destroying bacteria, keeping cholesteral low, REPAIRING cells, tissues and many other things and acv has an excellent supply of it, not to mention it contains VITAMIN A, VITAMIN C, VITAMIN B1, VITAMIN B2, VITAMIN P, VITAMIN E as well as many other trace elements.

Iv'e been using it for 2 weeks internally and on my face, arms and feet and my conclusions thus far are, inside i feal fantastic, prehaps it's a placebo affect but whatever it is, i havent felt as good as i feal right now for quite a while and as far as externally, my face don't really like ACV due to it turning it redder! However, the texture is smoother (acv contains, acetic acid, lactic acid and i think malic acid) and white skin is breaking in between the red marks while the red marks looks slightly redder. I definately am not stopping, i'll give this treatment a go for a good 3-6 months on my face, probably ingest this stuff forever!

Read the above 2 articles, might be one of the best things you ever do.

One more thing, i thought that sentance about babdits and robbers coating themselves in vinegar before they robbed the dead during the black plague (defend themselves against germs) as darn funny, heh.

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I fill a glass up 3/4 with h2o then pour in the rest with acv to it nearly completely full, add in some lemon (freshly squeezed myself from my backyward tree) and put a teaspoon scoop of raw organic honey in it and stir. It's bitter, looks like crap, tastes like crap but i feal great taking it. So make up your own conclusions smile.gif

I do it 2x a day, first thing in the morning, then late at night b4 i brush my teeth.

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hmm so many choices anyways what do I have to lose this freaking dermalogica microexfoliant has been irritating my skin and bringing up all these tiny bumps ugh. Maybe apple cider vinegar would be good.

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i'm a newcomer to ACV, i'd like to ask how can i fit it into the regimen? basically, do i apply it before BP, or after BP and in between moisturiser?

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