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White "flaky" Skin During And After My Shower?

Hey, guys.

I would appreciate any help from you right now. I can't really remember how long I had this problem, but I know I had it at least since the beginning of this year.

Everytime I step into the shower my skin underneath my nose, around my nose and on my chin gets these white "flaky" stuff (looks like flour). I have to peel it away using my hands and the skin gets a bit red. The funny thing is that I only have "acne" (not really acne but looks like it) on the areas I mentioned about this white "flaky" stuff. This does really bother me a lot and I'm not enjoying summer in Sweden as I am supposed to. I also get this s*** on my eyebrows and on my hairline. I went to a dermatologist once and got a cream (that is supposed to defeat fungus) but it didn't help me at all. I have to wait like 100 years before the next visit and I would love for anyone who knows something about this to speak and give me advice...:(

If I just leave this flaky stuff on my skin...it kinda of sinks in and looks a bit oily around those mentioned areas. I am so f-king pissed off. The acne that comes from it bothers me the most.

What am I supposed to do...? I look better BEFORE the shower than AFTER. Isn't that f-king ridiculous?

All tips and advices highly appreciated. I don't know what to do about this...:(((

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