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UPDATE : forth day of my 23% TCA PEEL

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well ,

last night it all started - my skin started real peeling.

it's starts around your mouth and spreads around like an internet spam.

it's look like a snake shedding it's skin, or like one of Hanibbal Leckter victems.

last night , it was very vert itchind around my mouth and chin. pieces of skin were just haning in the air , and i couldn't pulled them because don't want to do anything that can cause scarring .

but i listened to tracy's advice here and i washed my face and over night a small part of it "fell" with the water. but now it's seems like a thin mask on my face that i should just pull and get it over with. of course i won't. again - it's itching and the feel is dirty .

the skin is much calmer. i'm not totally red now. but skin look more skin and dark, but calmer. new skin revealing seems pinker and moiste, but -

some places with small brown pigmentation - i can see a bit of the pigmentation even in places the skin fell off. just my luck smile.gif) and some places seems redded under skin.

my fear now is that my new skin revealed won't be infected from my pillow, towel... etc. (i take oral antibitic etc... but it's really scary , this new fragile skin, every thing suddenly seems to be able to cause it harm. it's seem "unready"yet.

since it's a national holiday here for a few days the stores are closed so even if i wanted to get out of the house i couldn't buy anything for my skin. i have just the cheap cream my doctor perscribed me . and it's seems too rich....

hm.. ujst remembered i also bought once not to far some CLARINS's SOS serum or something. something that shuold reapir and calm skin. it's an oil. so maybe i should try to use it ? i used it only once. don't know if it'll be good for my skin. don't remember the name.. it's some serum..

ouch. skin is very itching.

i would tell my skin to "hang in " there, but that what it's already doing.. just hanging pieces on my face.... smile.gif

well - i've got u - under my skin smile.gif

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hello oldguy,

actually , simple Vaseline i DO have (bought it before the "surrgery").

but does it have any "antibiotic" propeties ? cause as for rich cheap creams, my doctor already prescribed me one ....

it's called cetomacrogol and contains :

water, white soft paraffin BP, Cetomacrogol Wax BP, liquid paraffin BP, methyl paraben, Propyl Paraben

and thoughts on it ?

tha H lecter picter wasn't a smart idea. i look just like that.

if there a possibility to upload picts. here maybe i'll upload one picture i took just now. it's bad quality , but so that you could only see the peeling.

for science smile.gif

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Vaseline does not have antibiotics, but it's good for skin that is peeling. In fact, I think that Aquaphor and Polysporin have the same base as Vaseline, which is petrolatum. Aquaphor and Polysporin seem to be popular among American doctors for skin that has been peeled, lasered, or otherwise abused. You could put that on until you can get the thing that you know you ALREADY SHOULD HAVE that your doctor prescribed. lol

Sure you can upload pics! Just click the thing up there that says my controls. Then at the left click Your Albums, then Create Album, and upload any pics.

Here are mine.


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i did added 3 pictures of me :

note :

one is from 2004, one from 2000 , and one - after the peeling.

the picture after the peeling is gross . but you asked for it.

it's the LEAST gross picture i could have taken. in reallity it look even worst. imagine that with face full of flaws smile.gif)

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That pic is not gross at all, but um...don't go walkin' around like that hahah. But your skin looks like it's doing okay, and DO NOT peel it yourself...sometimes if a large piece is hanging, you can take some sharp scissors that you've swabbed with rubbing alcohol and gently cut the piecg that's hanging taking care NOT to affect the part that is still attached to your skin...The reason why you can't pull it is because you may accidently pull off a part that's still attached...so do that. and aplly a very light coating of vaseline...putting too much ointment can delay healing

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really ?

didn't know that too much moistorizer (Actually i use Paraffin my doctor gave me, not Vaseline) , i not good for skin.

i was walking all morning hanging with thoese picees. till i found the trick every few hours to wash and moisturize skin - at least it soften the flakes or glues them to your face.

i have 20-30% of new skin showing.. and i'm afraid now to expose it to anything... i can't were sunscreen yet (skin too messy).

i don't go out (from sunday i'm at home), the only UV rays i get is from the computer smile.gif i hope that's not THAT dangerous.


new skin really looks fresh and like a baby's skin.

but still can't tell if brown spots and pigmentation fell off.

thanks again smile.gif

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