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An Update From Aceepidermis

I haven't posted in some time now, and there's good reason for that: I've been in a relationship. While feeling that loving acceptance I simply didn't care as much about my appearance. I've still been trying new things, but the worrisome, fretful end of the world nature of acne simply hasn't been as prevalent.

For those of you who have read my posts in the past, you know that I had a number of psychological blocks against getting involved with someone due to body image issues. While my relationship has recently come to an abrupt end, I must say it was nice to know that there are those who will accept you, even love you, flaws and all.

Now onto what I've been doing and if I've had any success in the time since I last posted:

1) I've still been using the head and shoulders shampoo method in the shower, it does seem to keep my acne from flaring up, as well as eliminating some of the blemishes. However it hasn't been fully effective. At this point I'd say it's more useful at keeping new acne at bay than it is at eliminating existing pustules. Depending on certain factors I may discontinue this when my final bottle runs out.

2) I switched to a new facial moisturizer: Neutrogena Moisture Oil-Free for Combination skin. After acclimating I've found it to be much better than previous moisturizers, and less prone to setting my skin off or causing it to flake.

3) I also began trying to deal with the pores on my nose directly, as they are perpetually clogged. I haven't ever had much luck with cleansers, they seem to cause more acne than they prevent in my case. So my regimen in that regard has taken on two forms.

The first thing I tried was steaming my face over the sink and then using Biore strips to unplug the pores. This wasn't terribly effective, as the strips only seemed to pull out surface blackheads/etc, rather than the gunk below. After which I'd wash my face with warm water, and seal my pores with pore-tightening Garnier Pure Astringent Toner. I've since discontinued that method.

Method two is slightly more involved, I boil water in a kettle and then steam my face over a pot for about 7 minutes. After my pores have opened I use a baking soda paste on the area and let it set for 2 minutes. After the appropriate time has passed I wash it off with warm water, and apply toner to the area. I then lightly run an ice cube over my nose to further tighten the pores with cold. And finally, after all of this, I apply moisturizer. It's actually not as rigorous as it might sound.

This second routine has proven far more effective at removing clogs. In one instance I applied a Biore strip after the baking soda to see if I could remove more than usual, and it proved quite effective. My problem is that the clogs almost seem self-healing. If left unchecked for even a day my nose goes from smooth and tight to course and bristly. The clogs form back fully and are noticeable to the touch.

Any additional suggestions in this regard would be appreciated!

4) I found a bottle of Spectro acne vanishing lotion for sensitive skin in my cupboard, it had never been used. It's one of my first benzoyl peroxide solutions, and I've been using it for spot treatments. It seems quite effective! As such I've been looking for larger scale BP products to use for my body acne, but so far I haven't found much at my local pharmacies. Any suggestions? I'm reluctant to buy online because products are so expensive, and if they don't work that seems like a waste.

5) I know Dan says that the sun has no true positive effects on acne. That the appearance of improvement is an illusion due to burning and skin dehydration. Forgive me if I'm misquoting, it's been a while. However, I've long wondered, does that apply to sun deficient skin? Perhaps in need of vitamin D.

I have been extremely pale all my life; on the skin tanning scale I'm probably a type 1 (prone to burning, never tan). As such I've spent a great deal of my life outright avoiding the sun, and spending most of my time indoors. Recently however I've been in a position where I've been outside more frequently doing yard work, and while I haven't tanned or burned in the least, my acne seems to be diminishing somewhat.

Is it at all possible that there is something I was lacking from sun exposure? I take a vitamin D supplement already, so I wouldn't think it would be that. Unless I simply needed more.

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