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Detoxing? Medication? Breaking Out! Help!

Hi Guys, So basically My skin has never been really bad, I get breakouts on my forehead and around my mouth and jawline but never more than maybe 5/6 on my face at any one time. But, I came out to Africa (Uganda) 8 weeks ago and my face immediately got a lot worse, i had a sudden beakout pretty much everywhere except my cheeks and it was very inflamed. Then I had a bed reaction to my anti-malarial medication (Malerone) so I was put on Doxycycline.. My skin cleared up really well in about a week. Then literally overnight my skin took turn for the worse,(3 weeks into doxy) I broke out again but this time it was more of a rash, they wern't coming to a head and just really red under-the-skin marks. Then the doxy made me depressed, gave me anxiety and panic attacks.. Obviously I came off it straight away (two weeks ago) and since then my skin started clearing up very very slowly again. But this time, the red marks remained, and there are slight bumps under the skin. Then a couple of days ago I had a bad breakout on my forehead, and a couple of smaller than before and less painful spots appear on my chin.

However, I have not been eating nearly as much bad food as I do doing at home, nothing processed, no sugar at all and a lot less dairy. I am also drinking at least 2 ltrs of water a day (have been for 7 weeks) whereas at home I could go a day without drinking...

So basically I was just wondering what this is all a reaction to? The medication? The humidity? The Detox? All of it? And how I can stop breaking out without using more meds or anythin. I am home in a week but I really don't want to have to worry about it when I get home.. .Help! Thanks guys.

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