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Just Want To Share My Bacne Routine

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As you fellow weightlifters w/ bacne know, it's just awful when you have a nice body but can't show it off because of the disaster on your back. I'm 27 and have struggled with bacne for ~7 years. I would say it was mild/moderate. Pretty bad on my shoulders and at the base of my neck. The only time i've been clear is during vacations in FL. None on my face fortunately. Well, I finally have a routine that is working for me:


Wash back with Hibiclens (anti-microbial soap used by surgeons for prep - very nice product and gentle enough. usually just do this in the sink). Let it sit for 1-2 mins before rinsing.

Apply Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer and 2 drops of tea tree oil

Let it dry, put on a clean shirt


Change shirt when possible


Shower with Neutrogena Body Clear (the orange stuff with SA). Let it sit for 2-3 mins.

Lightly exfoliate back with Salux cloth (be VERY gentle)

Pat dry

Apply a generous amount of 2% BP. Rub it in gently, let it dry for 5 mins.

Apply Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer and 2 drops of tea tree oil. Let it dry for 5 mins.

Clean shirt


Wash sheets/pillow cases every 2-3 days

Change towels after 2 uses max

DO NOT PICK, or even touch. If something pops, disinfect the area.

Zinc/Fish Oil. Not sure if they help but I take them for other reasons. Can't hurt.

Always be gentle with the skin on your back. The tendency is to be rough because the skin is thicker, but it makes matters worse.

Obviously, a clean diet helps matters. I already did this so I'm just making it a side note. Lots of water, fresh food, vitamins, etc.

It's quite a routine, but I'm well on my way to recovery. The keys are to medicate, exfoliate, and moisturize. My skin feels really smooth and now I just need to contend with pigmentation issues, then I'll finally be beach ready. I have a derm appt coming up for that. Anyway, I hope this gives someone ideas/inspiration to clearing up. YMMV though.

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I am going to try this routine. I don't really have that severe of a case of body acne but when I do it get it I get the ones that are really small and they hurt. I really hope this helps.

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