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Anyone Get Clear-Ish Without Resorting To Antibiotics? How?

My derm. asst. wants to put me on Doxicycline to try to reduce my skin's current inflammation and prevent future scarring. I'm thisclose to filling the script she gave me, as I'm feeling desperate to avoid more scarring. As it is, I can't afford laser surgery right now. (Of course, it's hard to get laser surgery if one's skin isn't under control.)

I have a large cyst and also a very deep red mark on my forehead right now; both stand a very good chance of leaving indented scars. For this reason, too, I am considering filling the Doxicycline script, even though I know that antibiotics are bad for long-term use.

Years ago, I was put on various antibiotics to control my acne. (My then-derm. wanted to prevent me from developing scarring, which he essentially managed.)

I developed cysts and nodules at age 22, which could've been due to all the antibiotics I was on from age 15 through twenty-one. In spite of the cysts/nodules, I avoided scarring, minus one large, saucer-shaped one on my left cheekbone.

Now I'm in my mid-30s and experiencing a resurgence of acne. Most of it counts as non-cystic, I think, but has left long lingering red marks that have turned into indented (rolling) scars on both of my cheeks. I'm feeling really despondent about the situation, since I've already been battling acne for 25 years. I don't want to rely on antibiotics again, but I also don't want to continue scarring.

What would you do, if in my shoes? Better yet, what did you do if you were in the same shoes?

Thank you,


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