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What Are These?! (Pic Provided) Skin Colored Bumps :(

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hi everyone! so i'm 18 years old and i've never had acne in my entire life... until i got to college. aside from a couple scarring from popping pimples, i now have these WEIRD SKIN COLORED/YELLOWY COLORED? BUMPS ON MY CHEEKS AND NOSE :( here are some pictures-


much like many of you all, these are only visible in certain lights. but they are still there and i am very self conscious. they feel kinda hard but they have a smooth surface on top like my skin. its just feels as if there are little balls underneath my skin...

help? advice? what do i do? :(

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I see them even on babies, or any person actually. My guess is that they show up due to food intolerance, because for a fact I have a cousin who whenever eat eggs I see more of those small bumps, and he is just one year old.

Given a test, he was certainly intolerant to egg.

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hmm, i mean it could be! but i usually get reactions to foods through ezcema (another skin condition i have) so something tells me this is totally a case of acne of sorts

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They are just really clogged pores with a bunch of sebum, dirt, and oil trapped underneath. I get some of these but they are much smaller. I would recommend getting them professionally extracted since you can self inflict red marks and scars if you attempt it yourself. I would recommend alpha hydroxy acids such as retin-a and lemon juice to encourage constant cell turnover as well and to keep your pores from being overly congested like that.

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thanks for all of your suggestions!! I'm currently using Clearisil brand benzoyl peroxide 10% at night, and washing my face with LHA cleansing gel from skinceuticals in the morning (it has glycolic acid and salicylic acid in it). hoping this does something for the dark spots and closed comedones :( ugh. my face has just become oily too. i have no idea how.

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