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Natural Daily Mask

I just want to post this because I've seen surprisingly significant results by doing this everyday for a week or so. First, a bit of a background story...

I'm 22 and currently re balancing my hormones after being on hormonal birth control for two years. It's been taking time, but it's happening. This mask will benefit anyone with acne though, not just adult.

Okay, it's super easy. all you need is organic honey, and organic cinnamon. I use manuka honey because of it's high antioxidant level. Mix a tablespoon of honey with a bunch of cinnamon and put it on your face for an hour. After, wash with cold water. This will lock in the nutrients. Pat your face dry then run an ice cube over your skin. This will shrink your pores. Then moisturize! I use either straight up jojoba oil or this turmeric cream that I make.

Super easy! This mask helps with bacteria on the skin, and inflammation. I always feel great after! I've had less breakouts since using it, and I've also noticed that my skin heals faster as well.

Anyone else have any natural recipes?

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Sounds ok, do ur pores look smaller? I have huge ones on my nose, plus blackheads....tried so many masks and scrubs, even natural recipes.

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Yeah, they actually do!

I've noticed that my skin looks the best the next morning after doing this mask with all the steps. It's not a cure or anything, but I think it also makes the skin that's not broken out look better too, so my skin just looks better overall. I didn't make it up. I found it in an Indian beauty book and this recipe was specifically for acne.

Just want to have a disclaimer though, I make most of my products so all my skin care is super gentle and clean. And I don't wash my face will soap anymore. I don't know if this mask will be as effective if someone is using a harsh cleaner, but it will certainly help.

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