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okay back in 9th grade i used to spike my hair and over the summer i started putting the front of my hair down to create a bang-like effect and would spike the back! thats when i got acne on my forehead! it sux!!!! ive never had acne before and its not in my family so is it from the hair? my mom said i should start spiking it like i use to so i just started yesterday blowdrying my hair up out of my face! i hope this does something. also..im in the 10th grade and there are a few girls who i know do drugs and drink and sometimes ive gotten close to their faces and i look and their face is like a dolls, literally. i know they wear makeup but you can tell if someone has a pimple even if makeup is covering it. they have beautiful skin not ONE pimple how do they do it? maybe its cuz i worry to much i heard stress causes acne! so i hope by putting my hair up this acne will go away! oh one more thing..i just started using cetaphil because i need to start washing my face (not with soap) but is cetaphil good? i just want a basic gentle cleanser and thats what cetaphil is but should i be using something else? thankz..

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Hair product will cause slight acne but only on the places that it touches... I have a tiny tiny bit of acne(it actually looks more like just a little redness) around parts of my hairline because of hair product... but I make sure to never ever let the product touch my face.. at least not until I blowdry my hair or something so its not all wet and drippin into my pores.

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its kinda hard for me to explain but i dont use product. i blowdry and then when i sleep it kinda forms its own creation lol. oh im switching to neutrogena oil free 60 second mask scrub instead of cetaphil because the scrub got really good reviews on makeupalley!

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Yeah I just started using that stuff a month ago and its really amazing stuff.

Well if you dont use product then the only thing that could cause zits is either residue from your shampoo/conditioner.. or the grease from your hair.. if it's greasy.

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