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What Kind Of Acne Is This? Some Help, Please? :)

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Hey acne.org - Community smile.png

I am new, so first: Hello! =) I red a lot on this site for probably the last year but I never got an account. Changing now smile.png But I hope I dont break any official or unofficial rules, so if I do - tell me =)

My acne was always present, and I would always call it moderate, at least I hope! Please dont tell me it is more than moderate *scared*

But I am so unsure what exactly it is and I always try to self-diagnose me with pictures of others people skin problem and stuff but I am always quiet unsure. And I have had the feeling that most people on here are quiet good at recognizing the kinds of acne. So maybe you can help me with that? And maybe even some advice on treating it.

My doctor told me I have something called atopic, so quiet dry skin, but to be honest I never felt like having dry skin but rather really dehydrated skin! So yesterday I started by buying a lightweight serum for dehydrated skin. Unfortunately there is perfume in it which mostly itches.. and my skin itches a lot. Anyway my regimes looks like that:

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Face Wash Mask (with Salicylic Acid)

DIY Toner (Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt)

Lacura Face Care Aqua Complete Multi Intensive Serum Light Cream Gel

Thats it. Once a way a clay mask and once a week I use some fruit to exfoliate my skin (like strawberries). And of course a lot of honey on my face smile.png I do not feel comfortable with BPO for some reason, also Accutane etc. I have had some stuff in my childhood and it just rined my skin like crazy - completely dried out and I guess that was the reason why it is so sensitive today.

I have clogged large pores everywhere, in the summer my T-zone is quiet oily. But the rest..whiteheads? Papules? Pimples? I just hate how my skin looks. Grr. sad.png

I usually wear Everdy Minerals MakeUp which is the only one not clogging my pores. Oil and liquid makeup - it all cloggs really bad. I do eat quiet well but I am very prone to stressing. What does my skin need.. I guess hydration? I love the face wash! I only used it for a couple of days but i really doesnt make my skin itch or burn. I am thinking about ditching the toner, maybe it is just too drying. I think my skin needs to be balanced. Actually I dont really know.

I would be very happy about any help. And hope I have not forgotten anything smile.png



BTW: I am wearing the serum on the pictures. Thats why my skin looks quiet hydrated. I just recently started to make pictures to follow the results of my skin care.

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Yeah your skin is definitely just moderate. I don't like BPO either! I know your using an SA cleaner, but you might want to look into Paula's choice BHA exfoliater. I've been using the 1% gel with good results. Also you need to be moisturizing every night especially knowing you have dry skin. I personally use emu oil with great results and have been using it for years. There are other natural oils out there that are great for your skin. Jojoba, vitamin e, emu oil, etc. you can do some searching on the reviews section at the top of the page. Good luck!

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thank you smile.png, I always feel like people are staring at me thinking "ugh. how aweful skin" (i hate makeup.. and i like to just leave it at home). Jojoba oil makes my skin really itchy and I red that dehydrated skin need more hydration instead of moisture - that is why I do not use a regular moisturizer and stopped the Jojoba oil (because it has enough oil). I used Jojoba for a long period of time but except for a moisturizing effect I could only notice it settling into my pores making them appear larger.

Oh yes Paulas Choice. Have red so much about it and am just a little bit unsure because of how expensive it is. Is it really that much better than usual salicylic acid? I mean isnt BHA just the same as SA? Does Paulas Choice contain more SA? I cannot find anywhere how much SA the Neutrogena Face Wash has.

Larissa =)

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Do you flush a lot? Does your redness come and go? Have you looked into rosacea to see if your symptoms match those of rosacea? It looks a little like it to me in those pictures but I'm certainly no expert, maybe look into it? Speak to your derm about it?

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I am the queen of all blushing and flushing women ;) I thought about rosacea but since the topic didnt occur at my most recent visit at the doctor (well, 'recent' as in 'a few months ago') - I just guessed he would have known. I will have a look into this, thank you!

That would explain why my skin reacts so bad to anything with perfume in it. Mh I might really need to look into a complete new skin care routine if this is the case (well actually I know my serum isnt that great for my skin - but I just hate trying one product after another).

Larissah =)

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I decided to buy the cleansing fluid, the hydration fluid and the spray by LRP Toleriane. Not only is it recommended for treating rosacea, but also should I just stop hoping that my fragranted serum would stop burning my skin. Even if it is not rosacea I am still doing the best thing for my skin (because if it is rosacea - oh dear reindeer look at those pictures!)

Man alive, could this actually be the reason I always feel like a woman in her menopause?

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Speak to a dermatologist about it, doctors in my experience (I live in the UK) perhaps they're better over in the US but in my experience GP's sit on the fence a little and don't look into your problem as much as a derm would.

Good luck.

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Thanks! Thats actually what I meant - a derm. For me they are just all doctors. Sorry for the confusion smile.png

Would still love to hear some advice

- and of course hear that this can absolutely not be rosacea and is just very irritated skin. wink.png

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