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hi all,

i've been suffering recurrent breakouts to my jawline and forehead (with occasional breakouts on my cheeks at times).

i am 31 years old and never thought i'd be battling adult acne.

up until now, i have been consistently using eminence organics products for the past few years. i use a combination of them per day, depending on my mood:

  • stone crop gel wash (soap free base also containing shea butter)

  • strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant (also contain lactic acids, chickpea flour, rice, thermal mud, oats, and a biocomplex booster consisting of antioxidants, vitamins, coenzyme q10, and alpha lipoic acid)

  • sour cherry moisturizer (also contains corn germ oil)

  • stone crop serum (also contains bearberry extract and green tea)

  • bamboo firming fluid (also contains chicory root, green apple stem cells, and coconut oil)

  • calm skin arnica mask (also contains marigold, ivy leaf, and horse chestnut)

  • strawberry rhubarb mask (also contains grapeseed oil and hyaluronic acid)

  • coconut corrective age moisturizer

they feel so wonderful on the skin.

however, now that i am having major breakouts, i stopped using these products because they have done absolutely nothing in terms of treating/preventing breakouts. instead, i've turned to drug store medicated washes/treatments/moisturizers.

i am using cetaphil gentle moisturizer or cetaphil bar cleanser, cetaphil moisturzing lotion, and clean and clear gel benzoyl acne treatment.

yesterday i applied a superfine layer of the cc benzoyl treatment to my face/neck. BIG MISTAKE. i put on a *small* amount - and still managed to get a major chemical burn all over my neck. so badly that i took the day off work out of sheer pain and discomfort.

wow. perhaps my skin isn't used to being cleansed with anything other than the above mentioned gentle skin care line?

well. my skin is so red, raw, sore, and dry. i feel like it is *screaming* for that sour cherry moisturizer i use (it is EXTREMELY thick - which feels so soothing and wonderful).

i switched to the cetaphil and clean/clear products because i really believed that the medicinal ingredients would benefit my skin. now i'm thinking that perhaps medicines derived from nature may be more effective.

i'm not really sure where to go from here. what i *do* know is that i'm desperate for the jawline breakouts to go away. the forehead is manageable because i can hide it with hair i *must*.

i've been working on eliminating all possible contributing factors for months now - not holding the phone to my chin, changing my pillow case regularly, refusing to touch my face by day, etc).

yet, breakouts persist. doesn't seem to matter which products i use - the zits remain.

sigh. well, i'm feeling pretty frustrated tonight. that cetaphil moisturizer burns like CRAZY. i'm second guessing using it on my face (i'll use it on my legs or something rather than waste it).

i'm so frustrated sad.png

i'd like to do a diet overhaul. while i've been told that fatty/junk foods don't CAUSE acne - they take the place of otherwise healthy foods i could be eating, which would BENEFIT my acne.

i don't know anymore.

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if you have a lot of jawline acne, it is likely a hormonal problem that cannot be treated with topicals. Take a look at the Hormonal forum and see what others have tried.

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