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Ok, this is a bit random and possibly very vain but as seen as we're all a community I thought I would go ahead and ask this question and see what you all think.

My acne is mild, but how do others view acne and how do you view your acne?

For me, pimples look much worse in certain mirrors and I have little red marks when i got close to the mirror (like nose touching surface of mirror distance) do these pimples look visable to the naked eye or is it the lighting of the mirror?

I always had great skin but when I got a fair few pimples recently I became very self conscious, I check my acne in the mirror and take photos of my acne about 20 plus times a day. In these photos I can only see one pimple clearly if you imagine that the pimple is arms length away, yet in mirrors with bright bathroom lights, I can see them from arms length away.

Today I went into a shop and the lighting was fairly dark, I didn't see one pimple.

Just how bright is Daylight? Is daylight brighter or not as bright as bathromm white light? I get conscious that when people look at me from a close difference they will see these little marks.

It does sound rather self absorbed but we're all here for the same reason and I think that is to achieve the best skin we can and gain confidence.

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I'm just like you. I check the mirror and take pictures of my skin constantly throughout the day. Yes certain light makes your skin look worse or better than it is. I find white light (natural) makes my skin look the best. I believe that's what people see outside. Yellow lights such as bathrooms and what not make my skin look worse and more red than it is. It's weird. It's a shitty feeling I know. Just keep going on whatever regimen your on and keep telling yourself your going to clear up. Stay positive.

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Looking in a mirror in my room (no matter if just in front of the window or bit further away) - makes my skin look quiet decent. I always hope thats what people see. My bathroom light is just perfect, every morning as I wake up I look into my mirror and am just like "Thank god it has gotten so much better" (a confidence which fades as I look at my face in daylight..). And of course standing right in front of the mirror is always the worst and if you then step one foot behind - it still looks worse than before. weird.

Pictures look definitely the worst. And I once heard that mirrors lie but pictures dont. Anyone know about that? That would be just terrible.

larissah =)

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My skin looks so much better in yellow light. It's daylight, white light, and especially fluorescent lights where all the marks and redness in my skin comes out.

I'm sure people see the marks. They won't be as obsessed with it as you, but let's not kid ourselves. People do see acne and scars. I've just learned to stop thinking about it and concentrate on doing what I can to clear my skin instead of staring at it in the mirror all the time.

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