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Is This Chest Acne?

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I've had mild and cystic facial acne, and minimal back acne since probably around the age of fourteen. I had managed to get both under control by the age of 22 (benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, retin-A) when, on the day of graduation, my chest erupted with red bumps. These were not like anything I'd had before. They weren't tender to touch, didn't seem to develop - they just stayed that way.

Since then, my chest has developed whitehead acne that go away quickly, but the original nodules/cysts still remain as they are. I've accidentally scratched them on occasion and while they would hurt, they did not break. I had it checked out by a dermatologist soon after they developed and she recommended retin-A. I've also tried Benzoyl Peroxide and Azelaic acid with no result. It just doesn't seem like acne.

Can anyone help me figure what these are?





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They are ingrown hairs... Had them on my thighs before but are gone now. Make sure you use a good lotion like Aveeno daily moisturizer and exfoliate with a wash cloth every week or twice a week. Also, stop abusing your skin with benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and all that jazz. Antioxidants are meant to prevent oxidation, hydrogen peroxide promotes oxidation. Making you prone to diseases such as cancer, etc and aging.

Treat them with DIY VItamin C serum. Did wonders on everyone's skin, some like glycerin in it some don't. For more information check these reviews or google "VItamin C serum recipe".


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