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Help! Should I Wash Face Before Work Out?

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Hi all...

i'm so dilemma ,what should i do before Work out, fyi, I work out every Friday (badminton class :P) at 8 PM - 10 PM , i finished my work at 5 ,then go home ,reach home at around 6 ,then i have time to take a nap or just online, like what im doin now, , what i wanna ask you guys is, should i wash my face????? But i'm dilemma, if i wash my face then after work out i have to wash it again ,it makes me wash my face 3 times A DAY ,which is can caused irritation, but if i dont wash my face then i'm afraid it can cause break out ( BP from morning + Oil from whole day + dirt from my work all day + SWEAT from my work out) ,so what should i do? Should i wash my face before go to badminton or Should not ,just wash after badminton, and IF i should wash my face before badminton , should i just wash it with no moisturiser n no BP ,or just moisture it?? too many times apply BP can definiitely cause irritation right?? ahh! confusing! Dilemmaaa!! hahaha

what you guys think??? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee adviseeee , i will really appreciate all your thoughts and answers :)

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Just wash your face after working out. I work out every night (recently in 100 degree heat) wearing whatever makeup I've applied in the morning and I just wash my face when I'm done working out. I haven't had any issues whatsoever.

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I usually wipe my face off with a wet washcloth before working out, although I don't actually wash it. That way all the dirt, makeup, sweat, etc is removed (mostly) but since I don't actually use soap and whatnot, it doesn't end up drying out my skin because I'm not actually washing it three times a day.

Then after my workout I do my regular washing regimen.

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