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Living In A Hot State

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Im 19 years old with mild acne. Would living in Florida cause me to have a greater chance of getting acne compared to a cooler state? When it's hot your pores open and when it's cool they're closed. Open pores means better chance of breaking out. Would this have a role in the amount of breakouts I get?

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acne is not caused cuz of open pores

acne is caused cuz of excessive oil on the skin+dead skin cells that block the pore and cause "good conditions" to p.acne bacteria to develop

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I lived in Florida for a number of years. I now live in a desert state. I find that my skin does way better in a very humid climate. My skin is 10x worse in the dry state I am in now.

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This may just be an assumption or an inaccurate observation but whenever the weather is particularly more hot and humid, my skin slightly tends to be more red and generally inflamed and irritated, which can lead to an increased number of breakouts. However, when the weather is more cool and dry my skin seems to be more calm and relaxed and pale; breakouts, if they do form, quickly go away and the general, overall tone of the skin is fair and clear.

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