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Relationship Between Facial Hair And Ance?

So this is a purely theoretical thread that is somewhat related to the other thread I made about clogged pores and white heads. Based upon some of my observations I am making the scientific guess that there is an inverse relationship between acne and facial hair.

It is widely known that acne is very strongly linked to stress for reasons that include a weakened immune system, increased oil production and touching one's own face. I haven't been able to find any research on how this affects facial hair production but based upon my personal observations I would guess that acne disrupts the growth of facial hair. My own facial hair has always been pretty sparse and somewhat patchy, but after using salicylic acid for the first time I could see that I had quite a bit of hair under the surface of my skin, especially in areas that used to be trouble spots for acne. I've resisted the urge to scrub these pores open but they slowly have been revealing themselves...

Now this is where we enter the realm of theoretical science. From an evolutionary point of view, male facial hair doesn't serve many purposes, the fact that it retains water means that it's not a very good insulator in cold weather. Despite what many women will tell you, studies have shown that most women DO like a little bit of facial hair on men (she just doesn't like YOUR facial hair) and the presence of facial hair makes a man look bigger and tougher. In some ways it is quite comparable to the mane of alpha-male lion, as it's a display of masculinity and/or dominance. The interesting thing is that male lions will NOT grow a mane when they are kept in captivity or when they are not able to breed. This can be useful from an evolutionary point of view, because if a male lion is feeling weak or stressed he probably doesn't want to fight, and alpha-male lions are very territorial and would be threatened if they saw another lion with a big mane.

Lets go back to human psychology; out of all the big bearded men you know do any of them have high-stress personalities? All of the bearded men I know have a high degree of self-confidence and are pretty secure. I also don't know many men with both acne and facial hair, but those who do usually have patchy or inconsistent beards. Does this match your observations?

It would be interesting to get a dermatologists point of view on this, I believe there is some sort of biological/evolutionary connection between the two but I am very curious how direct or intentional the link is...

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I don't think all of it is acne. Might be a combination of both acne and ingrown hairs. A friend of mine waxed my upper lip just to try it and the next day red bumpy ingrown hairs.

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Interesting points about the lions. Not sure about your particular issue but I think in general it's the removal of facial hair that causes the skin problems for men. My skin is always good if I don't shave for a few days (gotta find the right balance though).

Here is one topic about it on another forum:


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