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I would like people's advice on what I should do. A little bit of my acne history.

I began getting very oily skin about the age of 12 which then turned to spots which I have had for almost 8 years. About four years ago I went to the doctor and I was put on an antibiotic that I didn't really respond to. I then was put on Doxycycline with BP and it worked. I did not have acne for about a year and a half. The doxycycline eventually wore off and I have been back to the doctor countless times and trying different antibiotics. None of them have worked. At one point this time last year I had what I think was nodular acne around my mouth. Three big spots altogether and very sore to touch as well as all the other smaller ones.

This has continued until now. About two months ago, I stopped taking Lymecycline and topical Isotretinoin. It wasn't working and I felt it was doing more damage than good. Now, I rely on a face wash and overnight gel with Salycylic Acid to control the spots. It does a fair job considering how bad they are if I do nothing.

I cannot remember the first time the doctor suggest Roaccutane but I think it might have been last year. I read a bit about it before and knew it was a powerful drug. I told him straight away that I didn't want to go on it. I thought by this time I might have grown out of it, but I have not. I made an appointment with a Dermatologist about Roaccutane a few months ago and it is tomorrow. He has strongly recommended that I go on a four month treatment as my acne is the scarring type, no because it is terrible.

I am terrified of the effects. Dry skin, nose, lips, even eyes I think I could handle temporarily, but the possibility of that permanently is terrifying; as well as all the other very serious and permanent side effects.

I have noticed that areas I have consistent facial hair growth, there are no longer any active acne activity where before there was. And that areas that there is no facial hair I have the spots.. I think it is a hormonal problem and that waiting for full facial hair is the solution without undergoing this difficult and risky treatment. I do not like the idea of scarring though.

What should I do? I do not want to end up going on this stuff and think why didn't I do this sooner? But I don't want to go on it now and regret it for the rest of my life. There are also some other problems as well like the practicality of it.

Please has anyone got any advice?

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