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exoderm or dermabrasion..

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hi, i have some icepick scars and a couple of scars left behind from chicken pox i suffered as a baby and an indented scar resulting from a scratch on my face. i was browsing through the messageboard, and according to what the people are saying here, dermabrasion or exoderm seems to be the best option to treat scars like the ones i have..

frankly, i have done numerous procedures on my face for my scars, of which included subcision, n-lite, punch elevation, and tca peel, of which i am not very happy with the results..

at this point i feel as if the only treatment option i have left is to get exoderm or dermabrasion, but i am afraid there are too much risks involved, especially since althogh i do have multiple scars on my face, the condition of rest of my complexion is in pretty good shape.

is there anyone here who has gotten either of these two procedure done?

if there is, are you happy with the results?

and also would anyone know of good doctors who are skilled in the above procedures, in metropolitan NY area?

thanks so much for reading this long message,

i am just so lost,, and would really appreciate your responses!

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Kwi, what did you think of the punch elevation you had done? Are you happy you did it and how did the excision scars look?

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the spots i did punch elevation did level out with rest of my skin..

the problem is that the edge of the scar is visible, and it looks as if there's a cap on the surface of my skin, if you could imagine what i mean..

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