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Never Thought I'd Be Doing This...

salutations. i have been poking around acne.org for a little while now and i finally decided to join the message board. i'm sure this is something we're all a bit reluctant to do, but i am happy that i found a place like this where people are experiencing the same thing. i guess i will start by posting a short summation of what got me here today.

i never really had acne when i was younger. i would occasionally get pimples but they would eventually heal and go away. i took tetracycline for a little bit when i was in high school, but i stopped because i didn't really have acne. my face was clear. it may also be worth noting that i didn't really wash my face during these days. i occasionally used Noxzema and that was it.

it wasn't until i was about 24 that i got acne, and i have no idea why. all i can link it with is it started around the time that i started working a job. it was at a national call center and was the longest time i've ever held down a job, and i really didn't have acne until this time. then suddenly i started getting acne, it came out of nowhere and i don't know why. i theorize it could have been stress related (because it was a very stressful job/environment) or perhaps germs or bacteria that was on everything and thus found its way onto my face. regardless, i started getting acne every day and i didn't know why, no matter what i tried it never went away.

here i am a few years later and it still hasn't gone away and i still do not know what i am doing wrong. i have tried so many things and i finally found this place in hopes of helping this problem. i was on antibiotics and they helped but eventually stopped working. i've been trying to take a natural approach and making positive changes in my diet and exercise, and trying to deal with my face in a healthy manner. just a few days ago my face was the clearest it had been in ages and then i broke out worse than i have in a long time. i don't know why...

i used Cerave moisturizing cleanser as per my dermatologist twice a day (although sometimes only once) and if it's drying i'll put on some of the Cerave moisturizer, but it makes my face really greasy. In fact, there's not much i can do to avoid having a greasy face. i never used to be like this but recently my face gets really greasy looking throughout the day. i never used moisturizer in my life before recently. i am also supposed to be using Retin-A at night but i have not done it for a while. i was doing a spot treatment mask of baking soda at night which seemed to really help, but not i am at a loss and i don't know what to do. i feel like i am using everything incorrectly and i'm just perpetuating my own problem.

anyway... as you can probably tell, this has been weighing on my mind for some time now as i'm sure many of you have experienced. i really am trying to understand why this is happening and where it's coming from but i haven't quite figured it out yet. it's really affecting how i socialize as i am embarrassed of how i look. i hope that i can reach out for help here and i look forward to learning and growing with all of you.


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Me too! I know how it feels oh to well and feeling isolated like everyone just sees those red bumps and scars. Well, i hope your skin gets better and you get that confidence back :)

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hey mate... not sure if my thoughts help here but here it goes. i'm in a similar predicament myself - and i first posted on this website last week monday after lurching around myself. i had a real bad break-out (cause unknown) and i guess i was at a breaking point.. thus finally i posted a message asking for some help. anyways, i had read a few pieces that talked about a caveman approach - folks were basically saying that if you overwash/scrub/etc. your face you can actually cause more harm than good. so the radical advice they were proposing was to do absolutely nothing at all: stop washing (i'm simplifying a bit but let me keep it simple for now).

i also work in a very stressful environment (call center for a financial services company, providing in house support to our sales team 24-5). i booked a week off from work (knowing that i needed to de-stress and also be out of the office in case my break-outs got worse). i started on saturday, and it has now been a full 5-6 days with no washing (i've dabbed water on my face a few times but absolutely no soap or shampoo). let me just say this: i feel like a completely different person. my break-outs have all gone away, greasy skin has transitioned from "covered in olive oil that everyone points at" to "normal glow for a person who historically has had greasy skin", and best of all - my face doesn't feel like it is going to "crack" at any point in time due to over-dryness.

i realize i have a long ways to go (i can still feel that i have break-outs hiding under my skin... not sure how to get rid of that feeling though i am hoping a diet/exercise change will help there).

i am not sure if this approach will work for you - just wanted to share my thoughts here.

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thanks, people. this is completely frustrating because i don't know what i'm doing wrong.

i was trying the "caveman" approach and i don't think i can do it. i get dried skin flakes on my face (also oil, i have combination skin) and it will feel like i need to wash.

right now i started using RetinA again. i had it prescribed along with Clindamyacin, although i decided to stop taking that. the RetinA seems to have helped in the few days that i have been using it, but nothing fully has helped my acne. i get the feeling that i was doing too much to my skin for a while in hopes that something would work, and now i'm trying to do minimal maintenance. i don't know... nothing seems to work.

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How long have you been using the retin a? From what I understand, you need to make a real committment to using it and it takes a while for the stage where you break out a lot to pass. It seems many people have success with it if they can just stick with it. I know that for me, washing my face makes it worse, so I just tone it with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, then use a bit of coconut oil to moisturize. I'm sorry you're going through this! I'm in a bad phase right now too, plus I have dermatitis so my face is red and flaky in addition to the acne.

ETA: sorry, I see you've been using the retin-a for only a few days. If you stick with it, it just may help!

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