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laser chemical peel or dermabrasion

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Hi i have one question which treatment is better....i don't know but it seems that laser is better because you can work with more perfection.....

but i heard a lot of you telling laser is doing nothing....

but why?

the laser also peels your skin and the risk of futher scarring is higher with dermabrasion....so tell me why is everybody going for dermabrasion

hmmm my english is not very well so i hope you can read what my question is

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oh yeah and the chemical peel is also peeling youre skin off. It's all the same anyway with laser you can work with more perfection going deeper in the skin where you need and so on .......

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CO2 laser does not just vaporize the skin where the doctor aims it, it also vaporizes the surrounding skin. This is the big advantage of dermabrasion. The reasons that doctors use lasers are:

1. They take no skill

2. They can charge a lot more

3. They don't splatter aids infected demon blood into the mouths of frantically screaming nurses

4. Lasers are neat, like in Star Wars

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I'm scheduled for dermabrasion at the end of December. I didn't choose laser because it permanently destroys melanocytes, dermabrasion does not. I've seen people who have had CO2 done, and their faces were literally purple for 6 months, and yielded no results after recovery. For me, testimony of real people is key....honestly I've heard very few success stories with CO2 for acne scars. I've heard great testimony for wrinkles though. I spoke with 2 doctors...one doing CO2 and the other dermabrasion, both procedures have risks. I decided the laser was too risky for me.

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Ok thanks for answering ....

But it seems like for dermabrasion you must have a real expert ...such as dr Y. But i'm from Holland and isn't there a expert so how do choose the right person.

Here we have lots of people who do dermabrasion....but i can't see who's the best.

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These are all very different treatments. First, figure out what type of scarring you have as well as your Fitzpatrick skin type. Then, make appointments with several Dermatologists/Plastic Surgeons in your area. They will give you their opinion on what might work best for you. Finally research the various options and determine which treatment might be best for your particular scarring and skin type. Everyone's skin is different so therefore there is not a "best" treatment.

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