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Green tea

Help! Strange Whiteheads On My Chin + Prone To Inflammation

Hi everybody!

I need your help. Since I have found this forum I have used a lot of advice and have noticeably improved my skin after 2 months. I have used BP routine and have managed to get rid of all inflammations and reduce red spots on my face, but I still have problems on my chin.

Basically, I get A LOT of white pimples on my chin in places where my beard is not too dense yet (between lower lip and chin). They look kinda like whiteheads, but if you squeeze them gently they easily release somewhat rigid white stuff (so it is probably comedones, rather than whiteheads, not sure). They generally appear exactly where hair is about to appear or sometimes in the pore with hair. You can't even see them normally, but if I stretch my lip (as if to bite it) it becomes noticeable. The worst part is that these spots are very prone to inflammation (routine helps with them immensely, but still). And sometimes pores get so full that it sticks out a tiny bit (eewwww). I don't think it is related to shaving, since hair grows normally, so I don't think it is folliculitis (at least from what I read on the internet). I used salycilic acid, exfoliating, apple cider vinegear, BP for about 2 months already (basically this: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/35135-omg-u-guys-must-try-this/ +BP), but they seem to help mostly with inflammation/redness, but the actual pimples/comedons are still there. The routine seems to help with blackheads on the nose, though.

Male, white, 22y/o. Sorry, no pics, since my phone takes crappy pics up close. Has anybody dealt with such problem before? Can I expect any improvement from SA, ACV, BP and just have to be more patient or is there something better out there for it?

Thanks to anyone taking their time to answer the question.

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you should try putting a dab of tea tree oil in your face bowl of luke warm water and wash that area of your face with a cloth each day and evening and see if this helps. Do not just put the tea tree oil on your face without diluting it first.

This should take care of the white bumps. Let me know if this works.

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