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Do I Suffer From Rosacea?

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I am going to make this short. You see I have been struggling with my skin since I was 13 and now I am almost 20. And troughout the years I've been trying products for dry/sensetive to oily skin and nothing has ever helped my condition. My skin tends to flake and get dry especially around the nose.

The products I am using:

- MD Formulations Facial Cleanser

- MD Formulations Continous Renewal Serum

- Olive oil as moisturizer (Note this is something I am just experimenting with)

*Pictures removed due to that an answer has been provided*

Do you think I am suffering from it? If so what should I do?

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Yes, you might be, but only a doctor who sees you face up close could tell you for certain. See a dermatologist, they could put you on finacea or other medicines to help you clear up the skin and help with redness.

If your facewash and serum are high concentration glycolic acid solutions, I would try giving them up or cutting back on use of them since if you do have rosacea they could be causing it to flare. Stick with sensitive skin products with no actives or acids until you are able to see a doctor.

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Rosacea can develop in young adults too. It can also be triggered by products. You don't have to be middle aged and it doesn't need to be severe. Poster has obvious redness and irritation that resembles a mild case of acne rosacea. A good dermatologist should be able to determine if it's just irritation or rosacea.

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