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Hair Loss Due To Breakage / Freaking Out

Long story short:

-I finished my course 5 weeks ago. It lasted a total of 24 weeks like this:

10 weeks on 20mg/day,

7 weeks on 10mg/day (I cut down to 10mg because of some side effects),

a break for 4 weeks (again... some side effects),

7 weeks on 10 mg/day.

So that's a total of almost 2400 mg in 24 weeks.

Almost 2 weeks ago (3 weeks after finishing treatment), I started to notice hair falling during my shower. But I didn't worry. It was like 10-15 hair strands ... and it continued daily like this until today, when I freaked out like crazy.

I noticed on my pillow like 50 hair strands. If I would ran my hand through my hair, it would fall again like 10 strands each time.

I tried to moisturize my hair with some olive oil mixed with lemon juice, and after I finished massaging my scalp, the sink was full of hair, like 200 hair strands!!! Then I took a bath to clean it off and another 100 hair strands had fallen off. Each time I run my hand through my hair it falls off.

It falls from all over my scalp, and I think it's because of breakage, because when I look at those hair strands, they look like they are cut, I don't see any hair root.

I am sweating a lot because of my bodybuilding workout, and jogging ... can this also be a cause of hair thinning and falling? And a few days ago I changed my shampoo brand, and I washed my hair even 2 times a day, because it's hot as hell and I sweat a lot ... would this also be a reason of it??

Can anyone please help me with an advice to stop this madness ... first thing in the morning I'm gonna buy another shampoo for hair loss, maybe it would work, but I am also open to home or natural remedies, I will try all solutions. Please help!

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Well I'm definately not taking another Accutane course.

I think my hair was just dehydrated, because this morning after I woke up there were no hair strands on my pillow, and if I run my hand through my hair, I get like 2-3 hair strands, it looks ok.

I guess that oliver oil did good.

Do you know some supplements I can take to help my hair's health? I heard something about Biotin, and Vitamin E ...

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