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I have been reading alot on acne lately..

BP, SA, GA, & Sulfer seem to be the most popular active ingredients for over the counter treatments for acne.

I have tried all of the above...with success that only lasted for a little while. I even tried the regimen and couldn't stand the flackiness, the dryness and the difficulty smiling much less laughing.

Finally, someone gave me some erythromycin (you need a prescription) and yeah it worked, sometimes I had to skip a day cause it dried the skin so much and all the while the skin texture was getting leathery. I didn't like that much, so I decided to switch to Jurlique which came highly recommenned by a friend whose skin looked great. So I tried it. Soon I'm breaking out like crazy, like never before. After 3 months of hoping it'd clear up I returned the products and got back my money ($180!)

Right away I went to Sephora.

The best blemish stick according to the sales person was:

Cellex-C skin perfecting pen ($24)

2nd best:

Ole Henrikson roll-on blemish attack ($22) has SA & BP (someone once said don't mix those two, now it seems to be the only way to treat acne)

She said that I could return it if it didn't work. So I tried the Cellex-c that night.

I applied it like 5 times in 2 hrs!!!.

The first morning the zits had shrunk considerably.

The second morning some had white heads--didn't like that. But kept using it. I'm thinking this products brings all the infection to the surface. Shrinking the zit without drying the skin, which makes it much easier to conceal with make up.

I kept doing research. I have found that SA, BP and GA must be used TOGETHER for it really to work. Each one has it's rule to play, the skin must first be prepped with SA, then alternate w/ bp and ga. Bp kills the bacteria and ga aids in exfoliating the skin. Letting it breath so that it doesn't get blocked and cause a plug.

So we're opening the pores (sa), killing the bacteria (bp), shedding the skin (ga) and finally moisturizing.

My roommate uses an erythromycin/ BP topical gel that he keeps in the frig. It works for him.

I realized that leaving the bp on the skin (Dan's regiman) is too drying so what I do is use the bp (which I keep in the frig) that I mix with erythromycin leave in on for a couple of minutes and RINSE it out!

As far as the Ole henrikson stick I made my own by mixing a SA blemish cream w/ bp and apply it to the zit, it seems to be working. SA & BP seem to work very well together.

So this is my regimen for now:

Note: My skin is semi senstitive. So I alternate one day BP mixture one day GA. If yours isn't, you can do the bp every morning and GA every evening AFTER you've washed with SA.


Step one:

Wash with soap containing SA (I'm using aveeno for acne)

Step 2 -I alternate:

(DAY 1) apply BP w/ erythromicin 2mins -rinse

(DAY 2) 8-10% GA wash (I'm using Mario Badescu) wait 2 mins RINSE.

Step 3:

apply an alpha hydroxy moisturizer-I use Eucerin Renewal


Wash with aveeno

For zits I use the bp/eryrhromycin mixture or the cellex-c or the sulfer base mint mask by Queen Helene.

So basically I have combined some of Dan's regimen with the book "The acne Cure" and others.

My other roommate is now 100% since he stopped consuming anything with HYDROGENATED OILS.

A while back Omega3 worked wonders for me I think I stopped since my skin completely cleared up.

If you find your skin getting very dry try Mario Badescu's Calming mask it does an amazing job of recovering your skin, it's made especially for overdried skin from acne products.

Oh, and you can find alot of the stuff on ebay for less. Like the Glycolic acid and the cellec-c and Ole Henrikson.

That's all for now

Good Luck!!

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