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So What Kind Of Acne Is This And What Do You Guys Recommend?

So, I wanna get clear like soon. I'm putting a picture of my gross self so you guys could hopefully give me some feedback and some advice. Is it really severe, or are they mostly just scars? Just a little FYI on what I have been up to: I have been taking green tea pills for about 2 weeks, I have been drinking three teaspoons of Braggs AVC for about one month, I also apply it topically twice a day (but I don't dilute it when I apply it topically) I have cut off dairy for about 3 days, and I wash my face twice a day with Cetaphil, and at night I apply DeLacruz sulfur for about ten minutes and then sleep with OXY10 BP. Please help!



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I started out doing what you were doing about a year ago, it's been a long painful year of learning and gradually getting stricter with my diet. I'm gonna save you a year of trouble and just tell you the most effective treatment.

Your acne ( i know this because it's on your cheek) is because of gut flora problems. So read this:



One thing everyone agrees on, on this website is to cut out sugar and high GI foods, that will give you the fastest results.

p.s. it's cystic acne.

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Cut out dairy permanently. (fixes hormones)

Low to no sugar. (fixes your gut)

Take probiotics. (fixes your gut)

And last, but very importantly, get 30+ minutes of sun exposure a day OR supplement 10,000 IU vitamin D-3 a day. (fixes hormones)

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