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I had acne ever since 8th grade, it was very mild at first, and then it started becoming severe at 12th grade and freshmen year of college. I tried several products such as proactiv, clean and clear, neutrogena, Dan's BP, apple cider, honey with cinnamon mask, and several others. I tried something new, just exactly last year. I went from 15-20 pimples on my face, to somewhere around like only 1-2 pimples every 3-4 months. As of right now I have 3-4 under my chin, it is probably due to shaving because I am a guy. Also, I am not new to this site, I always roam around this site. I haven't for past one year, because I have clear skin. I just want to come back and post my regimen because I thought that'll be nice.

Here is my regimen to success:

I wash my face with 10% Benzyl Perioxide (OXY), it is a black bottle with color red on it. You can buy one and get the second free for only 6$. It will last you for about six months. I would wash my face in the morning and night time.

Throughout the day, I would make sure I pad my face with toilet paper because the excess oil in my face builds up every single time. Do not do this too much, because it is normal to have natural oil building through out our entire body. Just do this 2-3x. The price of toilet papers range from few cents to a dollar.

After every meal, doesn't matter when. I would take one fish oil pill from Spring Valleys (1000 mg) and Zinc. You can get this from wal-mart or any local drug store. The fish oil will keep your skin very smooth, and what not. It is good to have some fish in our body, because most of us probably don't get enough nutrients from any sort of seafood. I also think that Zinc, helps wonders. It'll help inside your body, where it'll get rid of any toxin and what not that cause you to break out. In other words, it'll help with your immune system. Maybe it is not your face being dirty, maybe it is because your body can't handle a few things. Zinc pills (200 pills) only costs 4$, and Spring Valleys, a buy one get one free which is about 200-400 pills only costs 6$. These will last you about 7-8 months. If you want, you can take multi vitamins to ensure that you have all the nutrients you need. Multi vitamins are usually 6$. for 100-200 pills. Any multi vitamins will be sufficient.

After I wash my face, the 10% Benzyl Perioxide may cause some dryness, the best moisterizer would be Neutrogena. It will make your skin softer, and therefore no irritations. I would highly suggests it this can cost 8-9$ for a good 5-6 months use. I only use this in the morning, at night time. I would use Dan's AHA+, it works wonderful! It also costs 16$. This would last for a whole entire year! I always use one whole finger to wipe throughout my whole entire face and neck.

Overall I started seeing results after 2-3 months. I went from 15-20 pimples to little as 6-7 pimples. after another month or so. It will be 2-3 pimples every month, and after that it'll just be clear skin for pretty much 4 months straight. There may be scars/marks left over, but that's what Dan's AHA+ for, basically it exolifate your entire skin. Right now, you barley see any marks. I am not posting any pictures, so don't ask. If you don't believe me, then it is your lost. I told my cousin my regime, and she also have clear skin until this day.

I also use biore nose strip pores, so I can get rid of clogged pores every week. I used this sometimes, and it only costs 7$.

Bottom line is, with this regime, it'll be really cheap. It only costs a little less than fifty dollars for a good 7-8 months. Which is like a little less than 10 dollars a month.

Post any questions or thoughts, and i'll be glad to answer them.

Oh yeah, on a side note. Screw whoever that said 2.5% Benzyl peroxide is the same as 10% Benzyl Peroxide. It is like saying, comparing medicine with two different concentration. that would have to be the dumbest thing I ever heard.

Oh yeah, and it is not every meal you just take one of the pills per day.

Also, I use Origins face mask The 10 minute trouble. I use it every single week, once a week. You can get it for 20$. I think it is important to use this mask because everytime you break out or so, this masks will keep you from breaking out.

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