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What Helped Me Finally - Folic Acid

Hi all,

I've been lurking on the message boards on and off for years now trying to find tips on clearing up acne but nothing ever worked for me and I never posted..until now! I finally found something that works for me so I wanted to put it out there just in case it also works for someone else out there.

About me: Female, 26 years old, had acne since the age of 12. I have combination skin, it's fairly sensitive, and had moderate acne. I had breakouts on my forehead, cheeks, chin, neck, and chest. My skin is aggravated by certain shampoos (head and shoulders, pantene, vive are the ones that I've identified so far) and also dairy.

What finally worked for me was taking a folic acid supplement (800 mg daily). I never really heard of folic acid helping acne and the only reason I started taking it was because I cut my hair short (and immediately regretted it) so I heard that folic acid helped hair growth so I started taking them daily (about 2 months ago). After about two weeks, I noticed that my skin started improving and it kept on getting better day by day. I didn't connect it to the folic acid immediately (i thought it was just a fluke) but after a month my skin was almost spot free and the only thing I changed in my daily routine was the folic acid.

I only have one small pimple right now, my skin tone looks more even and I can even get away with not wearing foundation. I think the last time my skin looked this good was when I was 11.

I don't know why it worked, and I don't know if it works for most people, but folic acid is pretty cheap and available at most drugstores and supermarkets so if you've run out of ideas, give it a shot.

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Interesting. I did a search just now and read that folic acid can aid in treatment of acne rosacea which I had been I have. Might have to give it a shot! Did it help wit red marks?

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Oh my! This was wonderful to read. Since going off the contraceptive pill earlier this year - I started to suffer from nasty acne on my jaw line, which my Doctor put down to hormones. It has been driving me crazy - to the point of putting acne cream on up to 3 x per day to no avail! Get rid of one, only to get two more!

Anyway, trying to get pregnant and a few weeks ago, Dr prescribed folic acid and iodine tablets, which I have been taking daily... in the last week, my acne has completely shrivilled up! Its no longer red/angry/painful - its barely there!

I also suffer from roseacia - which seems to have settled as well... no idea if they are linked but the only significant change in the last few weeks has been folic acid and iodine. I would highly recommend giving it a go!


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