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ok so this post is to let everyone know how important it is to moisturize your skin when you are prone to acne!

ok first off let me say that yes it is good to dry out acne, but no its not good to dry out all of your skin. when you dry out all of your skin you irritate it which causes more acne. also drying out the skin makes your skin go in over drive and produce more acne causing oil and sebum leading to even more acne!! so yes use your acne medications and yes spot treat your acne. but you are wasting your time treating acne if you dont moisturize afterwards. if your skin is very sensitive try to find a moisturizer with more natural ingredient like aloe or shea butter based. for example i use gold bonds moisturizer with shea butter it is non comegenic and hypoallergenic and fast absorbing so it wont make my skin oily.. it provides deep moisture for my skin though without irritating my skin or making it greasy.. if your moisurizing makes your skin greesy it is a no no. and never use a moisturizer with unnatural fragance. yes it is true if your skin stings that means that product is not for you. but keep in mind if you have been depriving your skin of moisture for a long time and drying it out a long time almost any moisture will sting at first for maybe even the first whole week. so the stinging could be a sign your skin is very dry and the moisture is healing your skin.

just stressing how important it is to moisturize. moisture is just as important in the fight against acne as the acne products themselves. shea butter is a very good moisturizer because shea butter can help fight acne and fight scars and prevent them too. if you are going to go out and get some try to make sure it is fragrance free and oil free. try not to get a moisturizer with acne ingredients because it wont moisturize enough to prevent the skin from creating extra oil and sebum. so when it comes to moisture dont get something with benzoyl peroxide or salycylic acid.

for extra dry sensitive skin you will need lots of patience and lots more specific care. if your skin gets dry and red easily i would stear clear of benzoyl peroxide when it comes to face wash. I used to use benzoyl peroxide on my skin which is very sensitive and dry and my skin was a bed pimple mess. it was too harsh on my skin and that resulted in tons more acne. when I started using salicylic acid instead my skin cleared up significantly and also i would moisturize every time i was done washing my face.

especially for girls its important to moisturize before putting on foundation, the moisture will create a barrier between your skin and the foundation so the foundation cant seep into pores and cause more acne. .so yes moisturize!!! and drink lots of water to get natural moisture from within. so remember drying out the skin is not the key to clear skin!!!

drying out acne though it ok, so if your skin is not very sensitive go ahead and spot treat your acne with benzoyl peroxide but try not to smother the whole face with benzoyl peroxide or you might end up with an inflamed red pimply mess of a face.

for oily skin it may be ok to wash with benzoyl peroxide all over because the benzoyl peroxide will not cause irratation and dryness. if your skin is oily you have many more options. though you should always still use atleast a light moisturizer even if you have oily skin to prevent an oil spill from over compensation from newly added dryness!!!

good luck and always remember to have patients.

i would hate for people to waste money on acne products only to end up getting more acne and sebum because of overly drying the skin.

I used to be one of those people constantly washing my face and constantly using things like proactive and thats when my skin was at its total worst!! so remember chill out, dont over do it!! let your skins ph balances level out. because its important to not mess it up!!! good luck.

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