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Gross Topic- Cleaning Pus

So I am 5 weeks into the most destructive cystic breakout of my life. The cysts drain constantly. I wake up with yellow crust on my face and sometimes hair is stuck to it.

I have been blotting my cheek all day to remove ir and scrapping the dried pus off every morning. My question is: do you think my constant maintenance of sebum is making the breakout worse?

I am not popping. They just drain... lovely!

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If they're draining, they're probably not cysts but nodules...cysts generally don't come to a head.

Either way, yes, you should definitely clean off the puss regularly. If you can gently squeeze out more without breaking your skin, do that too.There's no harm in some light pressure to remove pus gunking up your skin. Make sure to DISINFECT WITH ALCOHOL. The only harm that could come is that wiping with a tissue won't realistically remove all the bacteria from your skin. You need to disinfect.

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Not if you're gentle.

Personal anecdote...my worst scars are the nodules I didn't gently push the gunk out of. Sometimes it is more harmful to leave your skin stretched out with pus than to squeeze it out.

There is a sticky thread on one of these boards about the right way to pop a pimple.

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