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Started Doxy Today - Tiny Whiteys Are Appearing Fast. What The Hell?

I started doxy today at 200mg a day. I've only taken the morning dose so far and already looks like it made me break out. I previously only had some inflammation around my nose that I couldn't get rid of, so I went on doxy). This is my first time.

There have been around 10 tiny whiteys around my mouth and nose that have appeared (my usual problem area). They are really tiny but loooks like more are on the way. This is the opposite effect of what I was looking for.

I loved azithromycin - it got rid of the inflammation and the existing acne just died off in a couple of days. I don't believe in initial breakouts. It can either get better or worse.

Should I stop now and go on something else? What is happening? This is kind of scary. I was looking to get rid of the inflammation in a few days of strong antibs... I should mention that I had some azithromycin around too, so I took 1000mg with the first dose but it probably does nothing for me since I've taken too much already.

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hello! I had this happen to me too, starting about 2 weeks in. So, I stopped doxy and the weird tiny white bumps (which I had never gotten before) stopped too.

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Yeah I think I'm stopping it too. You're right they are tiny bumps and there's a ton of them. Like super tiny whiteheads but you can't really pop them. Fucking doxy...

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