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Science Experiments On My Face Have Been Cancelled...

hey folks. in the past, i have tried every cream, ointment, prescription, face wipe, etc, etc., in the world - yet these experments have born no fruit - and unfortunately i feel that i am in just a bad position now (28) as i was a decade ago.about a week ago i posted on here saying that i needed some help and some folks were kind enough to reply back with some advice.

i have taken the advice into account, and the approach i will go with with consist of three main things: 1) caveman washing approach, 2) improved diet/exercise 3) de-stress myself.

i like to tell myself that i started on Saturday June 23rd - however, I have had a bit of a lame start since that day. When my face has broken out I don't like to leave my flat - thus, I hid from saturday to tuesday in my flat waiting for my face to clear up. i eliminated washing from my regimen, but did not diet (i have a bad habit of ordering pizza as it is convenient and only requires interaction with a single person without going outside) and did not exercise.

so, after 4 days, here is what i think: i am amazed. my skin looks about as clear as it i has been in one year, and while it has a bit of a greasy glow to it, it "feels" normal - which is the opposite of how i normally feel (dry skin, constant worries of whether it is flaking or whether i have a growing break-out).

some thoughts i'd like to note down: my face is a pool of whiteheads, even when it is clear. if i randomly squeeze a small area on my chin/nose/cheak/forehead i can easily extricate a ball (figure the size of a cue-tip end) of whitehead goop which is the grossest thing in the world. this has been a constant for the past 5+ years, so no method i've previously used has ever worked to solve that problem. my thought is the caveman approach will hopefully solve this. i have been getting (randomly) a single deep cyst style break-out in one location (below the belt, on the back, on my neck, or in the middle of my forehead - i know, lovely!) for the past 3-4 months. my hope is that eliminating shampoo will solve this problem as mysteriously the break-out always appears in a location where i use shampoo in the shower. lastly, oily, greasy skin has always been an issue for me. i am hoping that along with the caveman approach, the clean water-filled diet will solve that problem (right now i have a terrible addiction to redbull/soda which needs to stop).

alas, let the fun begin! i was quite depressed a week ago when i first posted (let's call that my low point), so i booked a week holiday from work to clear my mind so that i could think things through, de-stress, and take this new approach. i'll take a before picture tomorrow - and knowing me i won't be able to post that until i have made significant progress, so forgive me as i will probably have to wait some time before posting the same!

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@ Jenny P: assuming this plan goes right (never a guarantee!) - the one thing that has me thinking that i'm a fool for overlooking this previously... for the past 10+ years, I've been trying to fight the oil via cleansing pads, scrubs, BP, pills, etc., etc. - only to have it get worse over time. in 5 days, however, i feel completely refreshed (i know, a very small sample size so we'll see with time). it makes me think of the ocean - you can fight all you want, you will never push back the waves. you are better off turning in the other direction and just going with the flow. i am really hoping my new approach works!

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Sun July 1st: day #8. I have a few new small break-outs under my skin (forehead) and under my beard however for the first time ever, I am not going to raise a complaint. They are small by comparison to the past, and not cystic. Overall, my face has improved significantly in the past 8 days - so much so that I'm not fearing a visit to the office or to the haircutter on Monday! Truthfully I haven't added the diet or exercise segments to my regiment yet - so my thought is I have a lot of room for improvement. Tough to break bad habits! Let's see if I can start those segments today.

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