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Guest foxtrotter

How I'm Clearing Up!

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Guest sugarglide

Soooo a few weeks ago, I had posted all the products I've used in a superrrr long list. (You can find it through my page or something) and I've come to one thing, well two: diet and exercise.

After coming off yaz birth control, my acne had came back... bad. I do believe acne is caused multiple ways: diet, exercise/well-being, genetics.

My dad still has acne scars and my mom still struggles with breakouts and oily skin. Because of this, I thought I'd be doomed for life.

I stopped using all those bs acne products, started to just wash my face with Cetaphil gentle cleanser and began working out for about an hour and a half at the gym: running on the treadmill, leg presses, ab workouts. I started to carefully watch what I put in my mouth, checking ingredient lists- making sure they aren't a paragraph long, started cooking my own meals- instead of resorting to fast food, incorporating more healthy choices (fruit, nothing fried, nothing too sugary, etc), drinking water, and guess WHAT?! ACNE IS CLEARING UP! hifive.gif

If you are like the old me (eating fast food 6 times a week, munching on junk food, drinking soda and juices, not exercising at all, etc), CHANGE!!! NOW! The sooner, the better, honestly.

And to be quite honest, back then I could care less to change my diet. I stayed relatively skinny through my genetics, so my body wash't my main concern, it was my skin. That was the only thing I hadn't tried in my quest for clear skin. And it's working. Acne needs to be cured from the inside out, but not through all those synthetic harmful drugs that completely fuck your digestive insides! Stay away from any sort of oral medications, they do A LOT more harm than you know. The only thing I put in my mouth in pill form is Udo's Choice Oil 369! (basically good for everything)

If you're determined to clear up through diet and exercise and have any other questions, shoot me a message and I'll be sure to get back to you! I hope everyone has the motivation to do this. You'll be ecstatic with the results. eusa_dance.gif

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hiiii !

i have been trying to exercise around 3 times a week for around 30-60 minutes. But it is very difficult for me to actually start exercising because i hate it. I'm kind of the typical asian girl who is naturally skinny without doing anything, so in other words, i'm extremely lazy.

So how can i become better with sticking to my exercise regimee ?

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Glad to hear you're finally clearing up! I've also come to the conclusion that diet is a huge part of my acne. I don't have any active on my cheeks, it's all on my forehead...and it's cystic. I've done a lot of reading on this site and in books about diet and how our American diet in particular is a feeding ground for acne. So I, like you, have been doing my best to avoid the sugary foods and trying my best to avoid fast food, but it's hard. My acne is gradually getting a little better as well! So keep it up!!!

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I wish that was all it took for me :) Glad it worked for you. I was pretty much raised healthy, though, and I had acne from a very young age. I grew up on a paleo diet, was in a ton of sports, kept active through college. Since I was such an athlete I also never ate sugar...I even went dairy-free a few years ago. Only thing that has worked for me is hormonal treatment (spiro). Wish I knew why, cause I'm the posterchild for a healthy lifestyle but I had to go synthetic to clear my acne :(

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Guest sugarglide

@angelcream I am just like you! Naturally skinny asian girl who hates working out. Who likes working out? Haha, honestly I am surprised at how motivated I've been to go, you just gotta keep it part of your routine. 3 times a week won't really be enough to show much improvement, stick to every day and if you MUST, skip a day, but the next day, make sure you go exercise! Even if it's just jogging around the neighborhood and you should keep it around 45 minutes a day to an hour. Ever since I've been working out and eating healthy, I've gained a lot more confidence and self-esteem and its like addicting. Lately, I am more concerned about sculpting my body and getting nice abs rather than picking and worrying about my skin. It's AWESOME! You really just need to motivate yourself. Focus on improving your image. Even though you're skinny, you probably aren't toned and fit and in great shape. So change that! Stay positive and focused! Good luck! :)

@bjarnecke I'm so glad you have came to the same realization I have! Most of my acne is also on my forehead, and I do have some on my temples and below my temples. It's hard to stay away from chick fil a, so if I must I order a grilled nugget kids meal with fruit and a diet lemonade which equals out to be less than 200 cals! awesome, right? Best wishes to getting cleared up!

@Green Gables Have you not experienced any side effects on spiro? I'm glad it's working for you! It actually did work for me, I just wasn't in favor of the long term side effects. My digestive system has taken a pretty big toll after taking spire for a year and a half.

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