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Every Pimple Leaves A Red Spot?

Every time i break out more i do the usual spot treat. Ive tried tons of products BP,Salicylic acid, Sulfar etc. It usually makes the pimple go down but i'm ALWAYS left with a red mark. Like i get a couple pimples shouldn't they just go down and kinda just eventually disappear as you treat it? Neosporin hasn't helped much for the red mark/scabby things. I don't know what to do or try. Ive tried almost everything in the drugstore and some nicer brands for spot treatments. I know its not irritation because ive tried calamine lotion to take out pimples and am still left with marks. Basically how do i get rid of a pimple without it leaving a red mark behind? Or make it scab up and irritated?

Thanks! :)

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I'm with you. Whenever I have to pop a pimple, I immediately apply witch hazel after it stops bleeding. It cuts down on the inflammation. Unfortunately yes it does leave a red mark. I will never use BP again on a pimple. It dries it up yes, but I'm left with a red mark worse than If I were to wait and pop it. I'm dealing with that still on my right side. So frustrating. Been using BHA for 2 weeks with minimal results. Started incorporating aha in every other night to see if I can't reduce the red marks faster with that.

But yes, My pimples do leave red marks so I aren't alone.

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Yeah same here every time I get a pimple no matter how small or big it is, it would always leave a red mark behind. I also noticed putting BP on as a spot treatment would dry up the pimple but the red mark would seem more red and it stays there longer. I just leave it alone and it would heal anyway. For the red marks trying putting on diluted lemon juice on the spots. It could help fade the red marks.

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