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Regimen Alternatives, Moisturizer/sunscreen, And Camping

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I have been on "the regimen" since May Day 2012, so about two months now. Let me first express my relief, because the difference has already been made. I was moderate to servere just two months ago, whereas now people might not notice I have acne at all. So I don't know who to thank, but thank you.

So up 'till now I've been using "Dan's" products from acne.org.

The benzoyl peroxide is great, but I have to ship it up here to Canada which inflates the cost. I'm looking into a brand called "University Medical" that I can find at Zellers and Wal Mart 'n stuff. It's a 2.5% gel that comes in a red white and orange 16 oz can. Has anyone used this before?

Dan's moisturizer... well, it works. I've never used a mosturizer on my face before so I don't have anything to compare it to. I'm less excited about this element of the regimen because it's so runny. I find it hard to get it from my hand to my face without it dripping onto my shirt. And am I crazy, or is it making my skin yellow? I'd be happy to find a cheap replacement for this. I've heard of using baby lotion, I'd be ok trying that out. Other than that, what moisturizers do you guys have in the US and Canada that work for you? I'd like a cheaper moisturizer for my back and arms, too.

Cleanser is great, might try out baby wash if it's cheaper. Actually, I'm looking for a body wash. I've just been using cleanser, but that's a bit expensive. I get a mild-moderate amount of acne on my back, so any ideas for a back cleanser?

I love the jojoba oil. I'll get that online again. The AHA is cool too, but I haven't used it much because it's not recommended in the first few months of the regimen.

I have two minor problems remaining. The skin between my eyebrows is quite flaky no matter what I do. I make sure to wash it, I use jojoba oil and moisturizer on it, I try everything but it's still noticeably flaky. More importantly, I have some amount of scarring. Not pits or bumps or anything like that, just pink spots from picking at old acne. It doesn't seem to be fading. This doesn't really affect my confidence much, but I'd like to get rid of them if I could. But how?

I may post a separate thread on this later, but I intend to camp for a week this summer. So I'm wondering how to keep up the regimen during the trip. Mirrors and showers and powder rooms aren't always available on the rugged coast of Vancouver Island. Not to mention, being a guy, I don't want to spend an hour of my day looking like a twat putting my beauty makeup on in the jungle. Thoughts?

Finally, I'm looking for a cost-effective moisturizer/sunscreen. For summertime. Anyone have recommendations from the US/Canada?


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DON'T USE CETAPHIL. Spectro Jel is just a BETTER version of Cetaphil, they both have the same feel and quality, except Spectro tones, ph balenced etc. and its cheaper.

I am currently looking for a BP, but I heard Oxy 2.5 BP jel is good, but it is very small.

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cetaphil has been just fine for me. and it isnt cheaper if you buy from costco. $20 for a 1L pump that last what seems like forever.

for BP i use dans. its by far the most cost effective size even with shipping.

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