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How Can I Get My Insides Back In Order After Antibiotics (Doxycycline)?

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My doctor prescribed me doxycycline and I took them for about a year. However he didn't tell me anything about taking probiotics or anything :| I did eat yogurt and whatnot while on antibiotics but it wasn't always super regular. Only when I was at the end of taking doxycycline did I realize the importance of taking probiotics. So what are some ways I can get my insides back in order? It's been about a month but I have a feeling my digestion isn't really at its best.

I heard apple cider vinegar works as a probiotic if you drink about a tablespoon a day. I have a bottle of it but I'm not sure if it's organic or not if that matters. I've also been drinking 3-4 cups of green tea a day lately.

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ACV being unfiltered and organic makes a huge difference. What you want is the bottle that has a bunch of sediment sitting at the bottom, that's called the "mother". It has all the good and yummy stuff in it.

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ACV with "mother" would be a prebiotic, feeding the probiotic bacteria. But if they're out of balance, having a probiotic won't hurt at all. You can get them through diet (yogurt, kefir, fermented vegetables, for example), or a supplement. Some suggestions: Garden of life or Renew life (the latter has a huge amount of bacteria). You can have a look at the nutrition and holistic health forum, too, there are several threads about probiotics (use the search, or post a topic if you haven't found what you're looking for).

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So like an ACV from target probably wouldn't be beneficial? I haven't checked to see if there's anything at the bottom. Where can I buy this "mother" type of ACV you're talking about?

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