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Retin-A Micro Making Cysts Stronger And Longer Lasting?

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I have been on Retin-A Micro now for about 4.5 months, Finacea for about 6.5 months, and Spiro for just about 2 weeks now (given to me by a new dermatologist because it was clear just Retin-A Micro and Finacea weren't working). What's really frustrating me is that for the past 3 months or so, my large cystic acne has been 5x worse. But I'm not just breaking out more, which is unfortunately normal when using products like Retin-A Micro - my acne has become a lot stronger....more resistant to treatment. It's really bizarre. My cysts now last for weeks upon weeks, when in the past they generally came to a head or flattened out waaaay faster. Now, I'm able to kill/prevent pain within the first day or two with an Aspirin mask and heating pad, but then they just linger as painless red lumps for FOREVER AND A DAY on the face. They just won't budge. All of the other products that used to work are now just drying out the top layer of my skin and not touching the cyst. Some of them are even forming red marks (I only get severe hyperpigmentation, no scars) before they've fully flattened. And they do flatten 100% eventually, it just takes alarmingly long, and I'm wondering why. I thought at this point Retin-A Micro would help heal pimples faster. Did anyone else experience this?

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Retin-A is great for pushing stuff out, but it can dry out your skin too much. Not enough moisture = stuff can't "slide out". Also, Finacea and RAM together might be too strong. I would lay off the Finacea for a while.

You actually aren't supposed to moisturize after you apply RAM (though with most retinoids you are supposed to) because RAM is time-released and moisturizer will interfere with it. Try RAM at night, moisturizer in the morning.

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Really? It seems like a number of derms recommend using moisturizer with RAM: http://www.realself....n-retin-a-apply

I'm going off my derm, and the Skinacea site:

You can buffer all of the different types of retinoids except for Retin-A Micro. Retin-A Micro is a time released formula and buffering will interfere with the way Retin-A Micro is supposed to work.


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Hmmm. Well, I suppose I'll give it a try. I've been putting on Finacea only in the mornings with some msm moisturizer and retin-a micro with NOTHING else at night.

At least no new cysts have popped up, although some of the ones already on my face need to flatten.

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