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Is This Considered Picking?

so I know picking is horrible for your skin, but is popping a white head with a sterilized needle and gently getting the white stuff out considering picking? Sometimes i go too far and I get the extrator thingy out and try to push down if I see if there's any part of "head' left in there.

it's seriously such a mental battle, I know I shouldn't, but if I leave any part of the white in there, i know it's going to make another white head and then the popping that I just did, was all for nothing.

I know I really need to stop this, I guess I'm in denial that I'm a picker lol....seeing all these posts about 30 day challenge has inspired me to start my own. Can somebody post a link to the chill out guide from this site that has been mentioned in post?


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I don't suppose isolated instances, extracting pimples as and when they form, would be considered as picking. Not in a negative way like a habit or something. I guess the key thing there is to not go too far or cause further damage to the skin. It's also important to do it properly and cleanly so as not to spread bacteria and encourage further acne. It's very easy to fall back on picking and for it to become habitual so it's best to try and control it. As far as controlling it is concerned, don't put pressure on yourself to go thirty days. I find that it's best to take these things one day at a time and to learn to not focus on your. Then it stands a good chance of being left to recover from any damage caused by acne or picking. Good luck!

Is this the link you're looking for? http://www.acne.org/stop-skin-picking.html


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Thanks Paul that is the link I was looking for :)

Since I posted this I've been doing really well, I think I only popped 2 or 3 whiteheads and I did it with a sterilized needle and very gently and It didn't cause any damage (atleast I think, who knows what is going on under the skin lol)

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I went through a period where I was doing that. I stopped trusting myself and left the whiteheads alone so they could empty themselves. Dr Oz has a weird idea about using needles to pop. It made the way you described sound way better for the skin.

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