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From Acne, To Radiant Skin. My Story Of How A Holistic Approach Works.

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Hey Ya'll,

this is my first time posting on here ( I think?) i may have posted a few years ago when I was having acne problems, which was a really hard time in my life. Here are my theories as to why I was having such terrible issues with my skin.

1. pollution---I was living in Los Angeles at the time,very dirty air.

2. diet----I was under the illusion that meat was bad and dairy was bad

3. I was depressed and stressed out (full-time work plus full-time school)

4. I was not using natural products on my skin, but chemically processed synthetics, like Pro-Activ

5. I was drinking too much water

SO, the moral of the story is, 2 years later I completely reversed all of the above, and I haven't had one pimple since then.

Here is how it all happened.

I moved back to the mid-west where I am from, out of the city. I met a friend, who enlightened me about http://www.westonaprice.org/

It basically is a foundation that promotes traditional foods that our ancestors ate, and how necessary it is that we get back to our roots and be healthy. ANd so the research began. This new knowledge completely rocked my world, and really changed all of my beliefs about food. I learned that the assumption that dairy and meat are bad for you, is a complete fallacy. It's the QUALITY of meat and dairy that truly matters. Processed meat and pasteurized milk (basically the burning of all bacteria-good and bad--out of milk) that we buy in the average grocery store, are not healthy products. So yes, stay away from these. BUT, whole milk that is higher-quality (yes, the one with more fat, but do your research, not all fats are bad. ) and one that is pasteurized at a LOWER temp and meat that comes from GRASS-FED beef, are extremely healthy!!!!! I have been following the westonaprice diet now for 3 years, and have seen many positive changes in my health.

***Side Note: I traveled to Ecuador, South America during my bout of acne, and after the first week of being there, my acne cleared up. Why? My theory is that I was eating lots of protein daily (eggs, chicken, beans, milk) and I wasn't stressed, but having fun. Also to note, in Ecuador they don't have big factory farms like we do, but they raise their own animals there, so they are much healthier! I don't recall seeing one person with acne there, honestly.

Do your research and you can find where to buy better food products in your community. Also, stay away from processed foods as much as possible, but don't completely deprive your self of a treat now and then. I am a firm believer in this, and believe that sometimes by depriving ourselves of treats, it could actually cause us stress :/

Also, don't listen to people when they say drink LOTS of water. Water, as we all know, is a cleaning substance -yes, BUT, it completely washes away all the nutrients we put inside of our body from the food we eat. We NEED those nutrients from food to nourish our bodies and skin. So, if you need to drink water, drink some 30 min. before and 30 minutes after you have a meal, but don't gulp large amounts. Listen to your body to know when you need water. You don't need to gulp down large amounts like some "experts" say. Our ancestors didn't and they were extremely healthy beings.

In addition to my change of diet, I have also STOPPED using Pro-Activ. Yes it works for a time....but after a while, for me, it completely stopped working. Plus it was bleaching everything, and the more I thought about that, the more i thought how weird and scary that was,being that I was putting it on my face twice a day. And, spending a fortune on it.

Here is what I do now----and oh my gosh how i love it---sooooo inexpensive and I feel so good about what I am putting on my face. ANd my skin looks better than it ever has in my life.


If you need any help with doing this, let me know. I am pretty experienced by now.

I know some of this information may be new and may sound weird to some of you, but please believe me. Sometimes the information that is the truth, is not the norm, but I encourage you to look into what I have written, and stay positive. You can overcome your problem. I know how much pain acne can cause, but try to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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Good post you dont sound out there to me a lot of 'primitive" cultures have very little cases of acne.

I think people should eat unprocessed and healthy anyway...btw is goats mild good or bad?

Im glad you found a method of dealing with acne.

I agree about the quality of food and meat--we have carnivore teeth after all-- I dont believe its wrong to eat meat but I believe mistreating the animals and pumping them full of hormones is bad and of course unhealthy in Ecuador the cows/chickens are probably not mistreated and cooped up during their lives. I think people should eat less meat and bette rquality everything.

I believe the farm industry needs to be more humand to animals and thats a big part of the problem. I buy free range chicken/eggs and grassfed beef when I can.

Hope more people read this :-)

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