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Ugh... Acne Coming Back Again! (With Pic)

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Well hello, I am a 23 old who has had acne for the last 10 years. My acne was very bad when I was younger and completely killed my confidence in high school. I literally tried everything with no success so during my high school summer, I took the plunge and decided to go on accutane as prescribed by my derm. It was a very long 7 months that I was on it, the side effects weren't that bad and my face cleared up within the first 3 months. My body acne was a different story and for the first time in my life I got these crazy boil like cysts on my body, which have left scars unfortunately. Once off it and completely acne free I had never had such confidence in my entire life, I finally felt like a normal person.

This lasted for a little over a year, but my acne started to come back. It was not bad at first and I was able to keep it in check with Dans regimen. It really started to come back strong after about 3 months and My derm put me back on Accutane for 4 or 5 months and I cleared up within the first month never getting a new pimple the entire course after the initial breakout. I didnt have really any side effects other than dry skin, and was able to live a great life while I was on the drug. I have been very happy for the past 3 years since being off it, and my skin has been great since than. About a year ago my acne started to come back a little but was just whiteheads and I was able to counteract it again with dans regimen. These pimples would go away very fast, and didn't bother me that much as I know realized it was just a pimple and there was nothing I could do about it. I never had to worry about any scaring for some reason my face never scared on accutane. Well fast forward to the last 3 months and they have been terrible. Even if I get just a whitehead it will last for a week or 2, and I am getting cystic acne on the side of my face that isnt going away and I am very worried could leave scaring for the first time.

I have a derm appointment in a month couldn't get one soon, but it is becoming harder and harder to deal with this everyday especially at my age when everyone I know who has ever had acne is completely clear. Its the fact that the acne is cystic and hasn't gone away in almost two months and rather just stays a red bump that doesn't decrease in size or anything that really scares me.Looking at the pictures the pimples I am getting almost look like scars but they aren't they are just cysts that are connecting together :( I also get these pimples on my lips that are really annoying and I don't know why I always get them.

I have been using Dans Regimen as stated before for the past 8 months but seems to have hit a plateau and really isn't been doing anything to help with my existing pimples nor with help in stopping new ones from forming. I eat very healthy and workout 5 times a week. I drink lots of water and make sure that I arrange my schedule around so that I shower after my workout to make sure I don't over dry my face and produce more oil. I just don't understand why my acne is so resistant as everything I have tried in the past hasn't been able to help me other than accutane.

Idk exactly what I am looking to get out of this post, maybe just some advice from people who might be in a similar situation or something I am just really down about my acne today.





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Your skin is almost perfect.

That said, cystic acne is generally hormonal. Things to think about:

- Are you taking any protein shakes? Shakes with whey or creatine? Cut them out.

- Do you eat dairy? Cut out the dairy. Dairy is a giant precursor for hormonal acne in many, many people.

- Do you get 30+ minutes of sun exposure a day? If not, go out in the sun every day or supplement with 10,000 IU Vitamin D-3. Vitamin D-3 is a pre-hormone that affects the skin.

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Do you exfoliate? For me that's the single most Important step in skin care. This also should not be in severe acne. You have pretty much perfect skin minus a few spots. What are you using on your face product wise?

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